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Day 12: Technical Difficulties

12 Jan

For the next two and a half days, all of my free time will be devoted to the Sketchbook Project. I would love to post works in progress but, as it happens, I am still in the process of moving to a new apartment (when will it end?) And so while I am working here in my old place, my scanner (which was a Christmas present from my lovely sister Erin) has already moved to the new place. I will, therefore, not be able to post anything new today due to technical difficulties (i.e. my scanner is in another state.) And so in much the same way that Twitter posts an image of a whale in lieu of an error message, I shall now post something I did a couple years ago that has a whale on it. Let me correct that. It has The Whale on it.

Call me Ishmael, beyotch.

I might go visit my scanner tomorrow. And we shall make beautiful scanning music together.

See you then!