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Day 58: Reaction to the Oscars

27 Feb

Me, apparently.

This photo was from one day when it was strangely warm and sunny here and I thought it might be nice to buy myself a hotdog and spend my lunch break walking around outside. They installed this Oscar cam in the window of one of the shops and you can take your picture and they would email it to you and post it on the website. The budget for hyping up this thing was probably insane. And this was a couple weeks ago. Oscar fever only increased since then and it culminated today when with one voice, the internet exclaimed “Why the hell wasn’t Corey Haim in that Oscar Memorial video???”

Today was a rather exciting day on twitter and tumblr with everyone live posting about the Oscars. It was alright. I think it is safe to assume that hosting duties should be left to the comedians from now on, no matter how entertaining James Franco was (not as a host but from the fact that he was quite possibly baked). The winners were predictable. Of course Natlie Portman and Colin Firth would win. And I’m still quite peeved that Andrew Garfield didn’t even get a nomination. I guess the only truly exciting bit for me was when it got to the Best Original Score category. It was a either going to be Inception or The Social Network for me. I quite enjoyed both films and felt that my enjoyment had been magnified greatly with the aid of their respective scores.

“And the Oscar goes to Trent Reznor” is something one never thinks they’d hear in their life ever. The me from 1994 would have laughed at you if you told me the greasy-haired frontman of Nine Inch Nails was going to have the same amount of Oscars as Martin Scorsese someday. But alas. It was topnotch scoring and it was well-deserved. It will never change the fact, however, that although he is a bigshot Oscar winner now, to me, Trent Reznor will always be that guy who wrote the following lyrics.

You’ve come a long way, Trent Reznor. Well done.

And now, to bed. See you freaks tomorrow.