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Day 33: Gratuitous Drawing of Myself (“I’m Sick!” Edition)

2 Feb

I am still sick!

Someone over at Yahoo!Answers says it is impossible to cough up a lung because your lungs are glued to your muscles or some shit. I beg to differ. While it is true that I haven’t actually coughed up my lungs, surely they’ve been unhinged from said muscles by now. They are bound to come out. They really want to. Please let them come out. I just want the hurting to stop.

Today I made a drawing of myself coughing up my lungs.

Ohohohoho see what I did there? Cause The White Stripes broke up today! Get it?

I previously thought that “I’m going to Wichita” is the only line from a White Stripes song that I know but I just remembered that I know all the words to “We’re Going to be Friends.” I just now realized that I actually know a bunch of White Stripe songs. What am I saying?

Notice the colors in the speech bubble? Yes, that is not just some arbitrary color scheme, ladies and gentlemen. Clearly, much consideration and forethought have been put into this project.

I wish I could say something heart-warming about The White Stripes. They had some cool videos.

Incidentally, that whole bit of dialogue by my lungs doesn’t make sense because it is much colder in Wichita at the moment and it is the cold that has made me sick in the first place.

“I’m going to Wichita” is my favorite line ever from a White Stripes song.

Aside from the illogical-ness of the text in the drawing, please also forgive the wonkiness (this is a word, spellcheck. do not test me right now) of the speech bubble. And now, also the flagrant use of non-words in this post. My brain has joined my lungs in an interstate road trip (this is not true, do not believe the ramblings of the thoroughly diseased.)