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Day 95: Typographic Poster Thing

6 Apr

When I got home from the office last night, I found out that the internet connection was down. I would have had a massive meltdown if I wasn’t such a television addict. I was a little bit happy, actually, that I didn’t have tumblr or facebook to distract me from my shows. And so I spent the night with Benedict Cumberbatch. It was amazing.

And as a result of having my mind blown by Benny’s explosive talent, I couldn’t think of a productive thing to do for the blog. Usually I could just browse the internet for inspiration, but seeing as I had no freaking internet, I was stumped. And so I made this.

You may view this piece as a statement as to how connectivity has made people so dependent on technology and the internet that they are incapacitated by the absence thereof. You may also view it as an ironic piece in that the object itself talks about how one cannot do anything anymore without the internet, and yet I was able to make this typographic poster thing despite, or perhaps more accurately, because of its absence. You may also see parallels between the color choices in this piece and that of the emoticons used in popular web messaging services, and view that as some sort of statement.

But it’s really just a signboard to tell you that I have no internet.

I actually had a lot done last night. I caught up on some reading, saw a couple of episodes of The Last Enemy, and I even learned how to play the first few measures of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring on guitar. So I was actually very productive, thank you very much.

I’m not sure when we are going to get our connection back (I am secretly posting this from the office), so all posts will be a day late until then.

That is all! See you tomorrow!