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Day 18: Motivational Poster

18 Jan

It’s fascinating how sometimes, when you really need it, you’ll see something that will make you realize that things will get better. Something that says, “It’s not the end of the world. You’re okay. The world is beautiful.” This something could be a friend, a text message, or a motivational poster. For me, it was this snow turd that I saw plopped onto the seat of a bike parked in our street.

Humans can't even fake that shit. Pun intended.

This task was a two-fer. I took that photo and made that poster. I’m really proud of myself on that one. It also serves multiple purposes because through this project, not only did I fulfill my task for the day, but I also made a record of an amazing natural phenomenon, and I created something that my friends could save and perhaps use as their desktop wallpaper so that everytime they see it, they would think I was there next to them, in their times of trouble, saying, “You’re going to be alright. It will get better. Now look at this snow turd.”

You’re welcome. And see you tomorrow.


Day 6: Practice Photography

6 Jan

I’ve never been a tourist in this city. I haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. I’ve never tried setting aside some time to look around and just take in how beautiful the place is. Which is a shame really because New York City has some pretty impressive architecture. When you see someone in the street holding a camera, more often than not, they have it pointed up at the buildings.

I suppose one reason I don’t take pictures is that I don’t have one of those fancy DSLR things that everyone and their mother has nowadays. A better, more honest reason though is that I am absolute rubbish at it. So I figured that this year, maybe I should learn how to take photos. I may not have your space age Nikons or Canons but what I do have is a can-do attitude and what they call a “digital camera.” So at lunch today, I took a walk, found myself in the vicinity of the Empire State Building, and decided to try and practice photography.

Don't worry. That's not King Kong. King Kong is, in fact, dead. That's just a regular gorilla.

I took around twenty photos of the building, just trying to get the composition right and I think this was the best one. It turned out alright, don’t you think? Not bad for a noob, if I must say so myself.

See you tomorrow!