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Days 134-135: Still Practicing

15 May

I decided that I wanted to practice drawing some more. Because it’s fun. Also, I wanted to learn how to color my drawings in Photoshop. I mean, I’ve been doing that already, but not very well. So this weekend that was what I did. I did these drawings on Saturday.



And then I tackled the coloring after my amazing date with Alice (stop hanging out with your stoner roomies, Alice!) and hanging out with my sister. And this is what I came up with.

This was tough!

I think I did alright, don’t you?

Also, this was in no way inspired by this week’s episode of Doctor Who. Which was written by Neil Gaiman. Whom every Whovian and their mother thinks should write all Doctor Who episodes from now on. People are saying that it may just be the best Doctor Who episode ever in its 50 year history. I still think that that one episode that Carey Mulligan was in it is the best one. But this comes pretty fucking close. No, this drawing wasn’t inspired by Neil Gaiman’s episode at all.

I might do more portraiture this week. It’s really fun.

See you tomorrow or in a couple of days, depending on the drawing that I choose to make. Bye!