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Day 93: Goodbye LCD Soundsystem :(

3 Apr

I was at the very last show of LCD Soundystem. I don’t know, man. There are just no words.

Okay that’s a lie. I could think of a few words, such as FOUR and GLORIOUS and HOURS and ARCADE and FIRE and ASKDJFHALSDKJF. Sure, that last one wasn’t a word. Plus there are better, more eloquent reviews out there. So here’s a video instead. I know there are a lot of videos that are clearer and better and closer. But this is what I saw and experienced and despite being in the bleachers, it was as much an awesome dance party as it was in the mosh pit. Everyone was just friendly and huggy and amazing and comforting in everyone’s shared grief. This is the last song that LCD Soundsystem ever performed (at least until the reunion concert, which i am very hopeful about): New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down. 😦 It has a bit of the final speech in the beginning and it goes on til after the balloons fall from the ceiling to the moment the lights turn on.

After the song, it became my life goal to grab one of the balloons before they all got popped by the crazy kids in the audience. I dove from the bleachers, going against the flow of the crowd heading for the exits. I was able to procure one after a very wa-poise moment involving a row of too-tall folding chairs. After that, I experienced one of the most stressful subway rides of my entire life because I was surrounded by crazy kids all trying to pop my balloon. They almost succeeded too but I was able to shield my balloon with my body at the last second, as if it were a precious baby, and proceeded to shoot them with death glares. Those kids were crazy. Why are some people like that? Anyway, I got home triumphant and took this picture for posterity’s sake. I let the air out afterwards because I plan to pass the balloon on to my grandkids someday.

Some people may be moved to poetry by historic events such as this. I just draw and hope that that’s enough for me to cope with the loss.


I will cheer myself up with food tonight. See you later. 😦


While I am being uncharacteristically serious, let me take this as an opportunity to clear things. The picture of me and Julian Casablancas that I posted yesterday is not real. That was my task for the day: to photoshop our faces together. It was an April Fools’ prank. I think a couple of you thought it was real. Happy April Fools’ Day and I’m sorry.