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Days 188-189: Khal

8 Jul

So I’m still doing these. I will run out of characters to draw eventually. Until then, please bear with me.

Khal Drogo: Dothraki Hunk of Steaming Man Love

This is sort of a companion piece to Daenerys. If you put the two drawings side by side, Daenerys and Drogo are facing each other. (yiiiiiiii~ <3)

I loved drawing this. Jason Momoa is super hot. Also, he has pretty pretty hair like a princess.

See you next time!


Days 185-186: Khaleesi

5 Jul

Suddenly, a Targaryen!

Daenerys Stormborn: The Blood of the Dragon

See you next time!

Days 183-184: The Imp

3 Jul

Look! My first Lannister!

Tyrion Lannister: The character Peter Dinklage should win All The Awards for

Tyrion might be the only Lannister I will ever draw because I don’t like that family. Exept for Tyrion. I like him. The rest of them can go fuck themselves. Literally! HA! Because you know. They’re into that kind of thing.

See you next time!

Days 180-182: My Favorite Stark (again)

1 Jul

After taking that two-day break that I badly needed, I went right back to drawing GoT characters. And I wanted to do Bran again because he was the first non-doodley drawing I made using Tim the Drawing Tablet, and as such he wasn’t as nice as the next ones that I did when I had a bit more practice. Also, because he’s my favorite. I regret nothing.

Bran Stark: The Winged Wolf

This one actually took me three days to finish (because unlike before, I didn’t forgo sleep in order to finish the drawing as soon as possible). I think I’m getting tired of this style just because it’s taking me longer and longer to finish a drawing (I think it’s ’cause I want it to look more and more realistic as time progresses) and I miss the times when it only took an hour or two to get a doodle done. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I draw the non-Starks. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see.

Oh wait! I realized just now that this post marks the halfway point of the year! It has been six months since I started this blog and I think I shall take this opportunity to do a progress report type of thing.

Here is one of the first drawings I did this year. It was for The Sketchbook Project 2011 and it is a good representation of my drawing skills in January.

oh yeah

I’ve improved quite a bit, I must say. That’s nice.

See you in a couple of days for Tyrion or Daenerys! 😀

Mini Break!

27 Jun

I am taking a day or two off because I haven’t been sleeping. Because I’ve been drawing the Starks everyday for the past 700 years, in this new ~realistic~ style that I’ve never done before and never thought I was capable of doing, and it takes me tons of hours to finish one drawing because I am a n00b, and I’ve been putting one drawing out almost everyday, when this level of task should be spread out over a couple of days at least, because it has been eating into slumber time, and I mean by the time I finish a single drawing the sun would be out and I then try to at least grab an hour or two of sleep before I go to work, and then I’d be at the office for 9 hours then I’d go home and start drawing and not finish til the sun comes out, and, and, and I just need to sleeeeeeeep.

(i didn't make this)


Day 177: The Bastard

26 Jun

I present to you my favorite half-Stark.

Jon Snow: The Watcher on the Wall

I can’t really say anything more, other than that I love him. Despite his emo ways.


(disclaimer: i didn’t make that gif but i wish that i did)

I love Jon Snow. Don’t you just love Jon Snow? I love Jon Snow.

Click for the other Stark kids : BranAryaRobb, and Sansa.

That is all! See you next time!

Day 176: The Pretty (Badass) Stark

25 Jun

(Caution: Rant Ahead)

When I said that I loved all of the Stark kids, I meant ALL of them.

I don’t get the hatred towards Sansa. If you ask me, I think that she’s as brave as the rest of her family, only she’s not mindlessly going off to war; she’s learning how to navigate the court. She’s the one that’s truly playing the game of thrones. And she’s only, what, 13 years old? In her own way, she fought for her father. It didn’t work out in the end, but she did not passively accept the news that Ned was a traitor, despite the things that the people around her kept planting into her head, and she did all she could to try and stop Ned’s execution. Amongst all of her family, she’s the only one who actually saw Ned get executed. Which I could only imagine is pretty damaging. Yet she survived and continued to defy Joffrey. To his face. It will be very interesting to see her progress in the next season because Sansa is in a very strategic position to strike out against the Lannisters, and I bet she knows it.

game of thrones sansa stark

Sansa Stark: Future Head Bitch In Charge

See you next time!

Art prints of this are now for sale over here. 😀

Day 175: The Hot Stark

24 Jun

Jon Snow was my favorite grown-up Stark when the series began but this guy snuck up on me, and into my heart, some time between him telling Bran not to come with him because there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, and him crying manly tears of grief and hacking at a tree. By the time his men were pledging their allegiance to him, I was right there pledging along with them.

game of thrones robb stark

Robb Stark: The King in the North.

Robb is now officially my favorite grown-up Stark, and Jon Snow is now officially my favorite half-Stark. Bran is still my favorite Stark. Just saying.

I plan to draw all the Stark kids (i love all of them! agh my heart! click to see Bran and Arya) plus Tyrion and Daenerys. Maybe Drogo. Probably Jorah. And Gendry. Maybe even Sam. So for the next week or so this blog will be a Game of Thrones appreciation blog. Just a heads-up. (Oooh did you catch that head joke? Because you know, they chopped Ned’s off. Too soon?)

See you next time! 😀

Day 174 (I think): Stark Kid #2

23 Jun

I just love all of the Stark kids alright?

game of thrones arya stark

Arya Stark a.k.a. BOY

See you next time!

Art prints of this are now for sale over here. 😀

Day something: New Toy

22 Jun

A few people have asked me to explain the circumstances surrounding this post. Or, what was the cause of the heartbreak that caused last week’s sudden hiatus, and why was the post tagged Simon Pegg?

It’s a long and complicated story filled with surprise, failure, and extreme emotion, and I didn’t want to bore you/have to give a detailed account of the painful experience, as if I were a pre-teen pouring out her feelings onto the internet. But since some of you asked, that’s what’s going to happen now. I apologize because this blog is about to become Livejournal-y in a second.

A Bittersweet Encounter

Basically, I had been told that my whole fangirly moment with Simon Pegg was going to be immortalized in video. Which made me very happy indeed. Some bouncing around in the bookstore may have occurred. Only afterwards, it was found that the video equipment had malfunctioned and none of it was captured on tape. I was pretty upset.

Okay, I was devastated.

The feeling was comparable to a particularly vile break-up. Because apparently I am a drama queen now. I got over it eventually. But not without some help from my favorite method of therapy: the buying-stuff-to-ease-the-pain method. I didn’t buy myself some clothes or shoes though. Nope, I got me a brand new toy.

Meet Tim, the drawing tablet. (FYI, Tim is the name of Simon Pegg's character in the tv series SPACED. I have now also named my scanner Daisy, after another character in the series whom Tim lives with, because my scanner and my tablet will be living together forever from now on. Basically, Tim + Daisy = ❤ forever.)

Up until last week, all my drawings had been done in pencil and then scanned and then edited on Photoshop. Tim eliminates a whole bunch of steps and allows me to draw straight to PS, which is very handy indeed. I didn’t get to play with Tim until 4 days later though when the weekend rolled around because all my weeknights had been spent on a freelance project, the moolah from which was going to pay for said tablet and possibly a new phone.

Clearly, making money is a valid excuse for not having the time to post anything on here. Yes, I do believe I am excused.

So then on the weekend, I had been well enough emotionally, and had a bit of time to experiment with Tim. It was tough. And very frustrating. It was a whole new way of drawing and thinking. I had to train myself to not look at my hand when I draw. I had to look at the screen while my hand was drawing on the tablet and it was annoying and needed a lot of getting used to. So I started off with easy stuff. Writing my name, free doodling, etc.

Apparently, my subconscious is a Lionel Ritchie fan.

Then when I sort of got the hang of it, I drew my first real and complete doodle: this beast. Which Peter Tom then decided to post onto Reddit. Consequently, I got the most hits in the history of the Epic Year Project that day, which was more than triple the previous record. So thanks, P.T. You are a true friend.

My freelance job extended over into the next week and today is the first day that I am able to finally doodle and post.

That pretty much covers what I had been up to the past 10 days or so. Now to the good bit.

Raise your hand if you watch Game of Thrones. Where my Winterfell bitches at?!

game of thrones bran stark

"I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards, and broken things."

Bran is my favorite. Tyrion comes next. And then Jon Snow. I think I want to draw all of them. Ayisse requested for Daenerys so I might have to draw her as well. I’ve been missing a lot of days on this blog lately so I’m planning on making up for it by power doodling in the weekend.

Also, this drawing looks entirely different from my usual doodles. Which is annoying. At the rate I’m going, I am never going to develop my own style. People are not going to be able to tell that I was the one who drew something unless I sign it. Speaking of which, I sort of designed a signature type thing that I could paste onto my drawings. Well, it wasn’t so much designed as it was hastily sketched while learning basic hand-eye coordination when drawing with a tablet. I may change it down the line but for now, I like it.

And that’s all I have for you today. This post is too long anyway.

See you next time!