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Day 257-258: Happy Birthday Maria

15 Sep

Hello to my new friend Maria! And happy birthday!

This may be a bit late in Leipzig time. But it’s still the 15th here in NY so technically, it’s still your birthday. I hope you had a good one! 😀


Day 214: Cartoon Lianne

2 Aug

It is the birthday of one of my bestest friends today. This is what she sort of looks like.


That is all! See you tomorrow!

Day 192: Happy Birthday Ram!

11 Jul

Taking a break from the realistic portraits to doodle because I’ve missed how much easier it is than painting.

Also, it is my friend Ram’s birthday! So I made this for him.

The Adventures of Ramram and the Jet Machine

Happy birthday, Ramram! I hope you like this. 😀

Days 109-110: Missed Birthdays

23 Apr

While I was sick this week, I missed a couple of friends’ birthdays. As it is getting customary here at the Epic Year Project for me to draw people on their birthdays, here are some portraits. I tried mixing up the styles just so things won’t get boring. Strangely, it seems that it’s become easier for me to draw now, just because I’m forced to do it almost everyday. Result! Another strange thing is that apparently, a lot of the people I love were born on April. Odd! Anyway. Drawings!

Here is the lovely Jo Anne Marie looking extremely happy indeed. Happy birthday, you!

And here is a comic book version of Nen, chillin' like a villain. Happy birthday, mother!

I love yous!

That is all!

Days 107 & 108: Sexy Birthday People

18 Apr

So I had this drawing done yesterday but I promised that I wouldn’t post anything Doctor Who related. So I didn’t post anything at all hahaha. Today is the 18th and I decided that this was a more appropriate day to post this drawing because it is David Tennant’s birthday. He is a Scottish actor and he played the tenth version of the Doctor  and he is sexy and talented.

David Tennant: comic book edition.

It also happens to be the birthday of a very good friend of mine: AYISSE! Another sexy and talented individual. What is it with April 18th?!

Ayisse: I Forgot To Draw Clothes Edition

Happy birthday Ayisse (and David Tennant)! I love you (both)! ❤

Okay! That is all! Thanks for dropping by!


14 Apr

It’s the birthday of my very good friend Aries! And seeing as he is a fellow Doctor Who fan, here is a drawing I made of him dressed up as his favorite reincarnation of the Doctor: Ten.

Happy birthday, Aries!

May you have a lot more adventures and I hope you pick up some sexy companions along the way! Allons-y!!!

Days 96-98: Doodles

9 Apr

We got our internet connection back about three days ago. But man, I’m really rubbish at this posting everyday thing. It’s just that I’ve been extremely busy this week and when I get home, I just pass out. I’ve been doodling though! I just haven’t been posting. Ugh, I’m very sorry.

jean-luc does not approve of my failure.

Okay. So here’s what I’ve been doing the past week.

Day 96: Kurt Cobain’s Death Anniversary

Nirvana was the first non-Disney, non-broadway musical, nonpop music that I listened to. Kurt Cobain was important to me. It was very sad when he died. Yadda yadda yadda. It was his 17th death anniversary this week. Here’s my tribute doodle.

Three unrelated thoughts: 1) Nirvana Unplugged in New York is one of my all-time favorite records, 2) I thought that Kurt Cobain had angrysad eyes, and 3) I just realized that I am now a year older than Kurt Cobain was when he died.

Day 97: Gratuitous Drawing of Myself (Fancy Gala Edition)

On Thursday night, the office went to this awards show gala. It’s like the Oscars for graphic designers. A lot of big name designers were there, like Milton Glaser and Chip Kidd. It was very fancy. Everyone was expected to dress to the nines. I had to wear heels! And so my sister and I went shopping the night before and she got me these zoxy heels that made me seven-feet tall. I’ve never worn heels these tall and so I moved very slowly, if at all. I’m proud to say that I did not embarrass myself by tripping and getting my ankles sprained. So yay. Anyway, I wanted to show you what I wore, lookbook-stylee.

What I wore: a tank top, a frilly skirt, an over-sized suit jacket, a chain-y necklace, the zoxy heels, my Nooka watch, and a clutch with beaded bumblebees on it.

Day 98: Happy Birthday Joe!

It was my good friend Joe’s birthday on Friday and so I made this ten-minute sketch of him looking very happy (because in all the years I’ve known Joe, I’ve never seen him look happier than this past year yikeeeee) and doing his favorite pose.

Happy Birthday Joe!!! ❤

That is all!

I am working on a poster right now and it will probably take me two days so. See you tomorrow!

Days 77 & 78: Double Doodle Day

19 Mar

As predicted, the Crystal Castles show completely wiped me out and it was awesome.


I’m sorry I still cannot get over this. Watching the proposal video had me crying at my desk in the office. It was pretty embarrassing. I tried to hold it in but it got to that part right after the inaudible “of course” that just broke the dam of emotions and tears. You all know that moment.

All together now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

It just so happened that when I saw the video, I had been listening to the Eraserheads. And as it always happens when I get to Aloha Milkyway, the song Hard to Believe got stuck in my head. And so for the entire day, I had the line “Beause your love is still the only thing that matters in this world, the only thing I can believe,” playing back over and over in my head. And I think I will forever associate that line with these two lovebirds. BECAUSE THEIR LOVE, YOU GUYS. I BELIEVE IN IT HARDCORE.

Congratulations, Lianne and Puto. I love you!

Oh and since I promised to do two doodles for today, here’s another one, in honor of the moon being the closest it’s ever been to the Earth since 1983.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...erm...Supermoon. 😐

That’s all folks!

See you tomorrow!

Day 65: Birthday Greetings!

6 Mar

You see what I did there? hahaha

Today is the 30th birthday of my very good friend, Peter Tom. He likes to take photos and play the drums. He is also the owner of the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. And here’s proof!

A gummy photo from 7 or 8 years ago.

Happy birthday, old chap. Hope you have a good one. 😀

Day 49: Babies are Love! (Part 2)

18 Feb

So I kind of felt bad that I made something for brand new baby girl Tala yesterday when I haven’t done anything for her big brother, Datu. Ever. And I’m supposed to be his godmother.


I know older siblings sometimes get jealous when there’s a new baby in the house for several reasons.  I don’t want to be one of them. So to show my love for my precious godson, and we all know that this is the Week of Love here at the Epic Year Project, I made something for him, too.

But first, a language lesson for my international readers. Of which there is exactly one (ola, leo!).

"Datu" is the Tagalog word for "chief." And this is what a datu looks like.

And now, the process!

Step 1: Doodle.

Step 2: Develop the concept. In this case, it's a heart that spells out D-A-T-U and also looks like one.

Step 3: Refine. Ink. Scan. Levels.

Step 4: Vectorize and color. I chose manlier shades of the colors I used in Tala's name yesterday. Because datus are manly.

And there you have it, E! Something for your other butt cheek (or Jaypee’s).

Give my love to your offspring. Equally!