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Day 17: Remembering

17 Jan

I never realized, when I set out to make this blog, that anything like this would ever happen. That there are just going to be days when it would be impossible to do anything. Nobody ever prepares for things like this.

My uncle died today.

What productive thing could anyone possibly do after hearing news like that? How does one even start to create anything, knowing that someone that’s been around their whole entire life is suddenly…not there anymore?

I figured that the only thing I could do is think about the good old days. That’s what people do in times like these, don’t they? Isn’t it true that the best way to cope with someone’s death is to remember their life?

My favorite thing about my tito was not that he had gray eyes. It was not that he told the stupidest jokes that would make you laugh hysterically anyway. It was not that he liked Skippy peanut butter way more than any self-respecting sixty-something has the right to. It was that no matter how bad things got in his life, he was always genuinely glad to see you.

So cheers, Tito Bong. You had an awesome run. Get the beers ready because when I see you on the other side, we are going to fucking wreck shit and get a party up in that bitch.