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Day 146: Drawing Night Part 4

26 May

Nekkid people!

See you later!


Day 117: Drawing Night: April Edition

27 Apr

It was Drawing Night: April Edition at the office tonight! (This was March, this was February.)

Erm, yeah. Drawings!

That’s it!

See you tomorrow!

Day 54: Drawing Night at the Office

23 Feb

In the place where I work, they have Drawing Night once a month. They hire a model to come in and pose for us for a couple of hours. There’s cheese and wine and jazz and it’s quite a fancy affair.

Today was my first Drawing Night and here’s some of my sketches.

First, we did a series of 2-minute sketches and as I am very rusty at drawing real people, all I could manage in two minutes are body parts.

Then we did some 5-minute ones which were a bit better because then I could draw more of the entire human being and not just random limbs.

Then finally, we did one fifteen-minute sketch.

And that was that. It was fun. Looking forward to the next one.

See you tomorrow!