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Days 259-260: The God Complex

17 Sep

I just have a lot of feelings about Amy Pond and the Doctor alright?

See you next time. 😦


Days 190-191: Eleven

10 Jul

Just to break things up a bit, and because I have missed this man’s bizarre mug, and because someone anonymously requested for this over at my Tumblr, I present to you this guy.

The Doctor in his TARDIS

That is all! See you next time!

Day 147: Lunchtime Doodle Part 2

27 May

I really enjoyed doing the first lunchtime doodle. I liked that I didn’t have to spend a massive amount of time deciding what to draw. There is something freeing about emptying your brain and just siccing a sharpie on some graph paper without a particular purpose in mind. And so that’s what I did today.

It was a very slow day at the office (the best kind of day for office doodling). It is Memorial Day Weekend and we don’t have work on Monday and some people left work early and hopped on flights to spend the long weekend in places that are not New York. This is widely accepted as a good long weekend agenda, but I figured that there really is no place I would rather be than where I already live, which is the best place in the universe to spend a long weekend: The Internet. I am looking forward to spending the next three days watching the latest Doctor Who episode and proceeding to have intelligent discussions (read: much flailing) about it with a community of profoundly smart and highly eloquent screaming fangirls/fanboys/fanpeople who happen to live on The Internet as well. And then maybe I’ll catch up on some Game of Thrones, and probably a bit of The Borgias, and I might just finally download Fringe, based on our friend Miguel/Little Bud’s recommendation. Because he says that it is the X-Files of the now, and man, did I love the X-Files. That was some good sci-fi (up until the point when it got bad) and so Fringe is looking like a distinct download possibility because if there is anything I cannot resist, it’s good sci-fi. Plus, Simon Pegg thinks that it’s cool (he tweeted recently about how it freaked him out). And in this nerdy life that I lead, pretty much whatever Simon Pegg says, goes.

Speaking of sci-fi, and seeing as this has been sci-fi appreciation week in the life of Niña (what with it being Towel Day a couple of days ago, and also because I’ve been listening to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe audiobook while walking to and from the office this past week), the following is what somehow came out when I decided to empty my mind and doodle during my unusually quiet (as the office was practically empty) lunch break today. Apparently, although not a bit surprising, my default brain setting is SCIENCE-MOTHERFLIPPING-FICTION. Some H.P. Lovecraft, anyone?

Cthulhu is a creature in the Lovecraft universe that's a cross between an octopus, a dragon, and a mountain, and is generally perceived as a monster. But this makes him secretly sad because beneath his slimy and terrifying exterior, deep down in his heart of hearts, he just wants to be loved like the rest of us. I present to you the inner workings of my subconscious, ladies and gentlemen.

Come to think of it, pretty much every week is sci-fi appreciation week in the life of Niña. Except, of course, when it’s fantasy and magic appreciation week instead. Like in less than two months when the final Harry Potter movie comes out (TEARS!!!) Or in late 2012 when The Hobbit happens. Speaking of The Hobbit, it’s been reported that Orlando Bloom is reprising his role as Legolas, so there’s another hunk of man meat added to the already long roster of People To Stare Lustily At in that movie. Thank you very much, Peter Jackson.

These are the only two types of weeks in my life though. And wow, I just read everything that I’ve written in this post and I may have revealed a little too much about how cripplingly uncool I am.

Meh. See you when I see you!

Days 134-135: Still Practicing

15 May

I decided that I wanted to practice drawing some more. Because it’s fun. Also, I wanted to learn how to color my drawings in Photoshop. I mean, I’ve been doing that already, but not very well. So this weekend that was what I did. I did these drawings on Saturday.



And then I tackled the coloring after my amazing date with Alice (stop hanging out with your stoner roomies, Alice!) and hanging out with my sister. And this is what I came up with.

This was tough!

I think I did alright, don’t you?

Also, this was in no way inspired by this week’s episode of Doctor Who. Which was written by Neil Gaiman. Whom every Whovian and their mother thinks should write all Doctor Who episodes from now on. People are saying that it may just be the best Doctor Who episode ever in its 50 year history. I still think that that one episode that Carey Mulligan was in it is the best one. But this comes pretty fucking close. No, this drawing wasn’t inspired by Neil Gaiman’s episode at all.

I might do more portraiture this week. It’s really fun.

See you tomorrow or in a couple of days, depending on the drawing that I choose to make. Bye!

Day 132: Practicing Portraiture

12 May

I’m fine now. Still a bit sneezy but mostly functioning. Thanks for the lovely messages of comfort from you. You know who you people are. 😀

So I’m trying to figure out some sort of a drawing style. Just because someone messaged me and said she thought my style was interesting and I didn’t know what she meant. What style? So I guess I’m going to do more of these just so I realize what I’m doing consistently. Because I am dumb.

This person is an actress called Catherine Tate. It's her birthday today.

Look, Dudu and other Whovians! It’s Donna Noble!

So yeah, that’s all for today.

Have a good one and see you tomorrow!

Day 121: Unpopular Opinion Time

1 May

Let’s just get this out there. I am not jumping for joy because a person is dead. I understand that this person is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and that makes him a very bad person indeed and that his death, to some people, means closure (which is a good thing) or even some form of justice. But I am not about to go out to a pub and mindlessly toast to the death of someone. I just wasn’t wired that way. I’m not going to judge the people who are celebrating May 1 as if it were an official holiday. I’m sure they have their reasons and they were probably family members of the 9/11 victims, or perhaps 9/11 survivors themselves.

I am, however, going to say that I am a bit baffled at these uninformed people who are bumping chests because America is so bad-ass hells yeah and hitting the streets with cardboard signs saying “Happy ‘Bin Is Dead’ Day” without really knowing all the facts and without thinking about the consequences of this major world event.

I’m not saying I’m an expert on these things. I am perhaps a bit on the under-informed side as well. So now I wonder. What does this change? Does it, in fact, change anything? Are they going to start bringing the troops back home? Is the war against terror/Iran/Afghanistan over? I don’t really think so. I know, from reading The Hunger Games and not from any sort of academic research (so what do I know?), that a figurehead, whether they have real power or not, is a very important piece in the war game. And so killing the figurehead is a huge blow to the campaign of ‘the other side.’ But this does not mean that other people are not ready to take his place. Surely, this death is going to have some serious repercussions. Surely, this does not stop more people from getting killed in this continuing war, and perhaps may even ensure more deaths. Is this really a cause for so much celebration?

Yes? No? Let’s start a conversation. Or not. Whatever  you like. But it’s something to think about.

EDIT:Let me just end this with the following bit of dialogue from the latest episode of Doctor Who. Because apparently, I cannot sustain the seriousface for very long and you will find that it is very relevant.

So hey, Doctor. Now that Osama Bin Laden's dead, we're safe again. Right?

The Doctor: Safe? No, of course you’re not safe. There’s about a billion other things out there just waiting to burn your whole world. But if you want to pretend you’re safe just so you can sleep at night, okay. You’re safe. But you’re not really.

Days 114-115: EGGS!

25 Apr

I would like to tell you that I combined the following two tasks because they were related. But mostly it was because I’m really lazy.

Task 1: Easter Eggs

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and although we didn’t do anything special here at the apartment, I still wanted to paint some eggs.

Here they are post-hardboiling.

At first I was going to use my paints to do the job because I didn’t have food dye, but then I realized that it probably was not such a good idea to apply actual paint to any sort of foodstuff that you plan on eating afterwards. Because eating paint makes you crazy. It’s true. Ask Vincent Van Gogh. Oh no wait. You can’t. BECAUSE HE’S DEAD. Because he killed himself because he was crazy because he ate paint. My logic is solid and infallible.

So I used the next best thing: colored pencils!

Okay there are probably a lot of things that are better to use than colored pencils. Such as the natural juices of fruits and vegetables or something. Or I could have just stepped out for two minutes to get food dye from the store. But could I be bothered to exert any effort at all to do this thing right? Apparently not. So colored pencils it is. Also, I wasn’t worried about the health hazards of colored pencils because it had this on the box.

Which is basically express permission to ingest. "It is okay to eat this," says the label. Who am I to question its wisdom?

So then I got to drawing. And because I am a huge nerd, all the eggs were transformed into robots/other forms of advanced technology from my favorite science-fiction tv series, movie trilogy, and book.



Marvin, the paranoid android!

And here they all are, mingling in a bowl in what could possibly be the most epic fandom crossover in the history of easter eggs having their pictures taken while mingling in a bowl!

End of task 1.

Task 2: Egg Salad Sandwich

Because it is only logical to eat eggs after you’ve drawn them to look like robots/androids/time and space machines.

Ingredients! Eggs (eggshell decoration not necessary), Mayonnaise (I'm using Kewpie because it is awesome, obviously), salt, pepper, red pepper flake (optional), and herbs (it is customary to use dill but you can use whatever the hell you want).

Step 1: Liberate the eggs from (the TARDIS) their shells.

Step 2: Give them a quick chop so that it's easier to combine them with the other things later.

Step 3: Squeeze some mayo onto the eggs. How much mayo depends on you because you are a free-thinking individual and you have a choice. Don't let other people tell you otherwise.

Step 4: Add in all the other things.

Step 5: Mix everything together.

Step 6: Spread the awesome onto some bread. But make sure to lay down a paper towel first so that when you've assembled your sandwich, you can simply wrap it up in the paper towel, put it in a sandwich bag, and take it to the office in the morning. Efficiency is important, folks.

Or you could simply marvel at how the light hits this sexy bastard, making it look like a gift sent from the heavens. And then get goosebumps as you hear a league of angels in the background performing Handel's Messiah, before you gobble it up.

Tomorrow, we will find out if colored pencils are indeed nontoxic, as the box so confidently claims. Exciting stuff!

See you tomorrow! Or not!

Days 107 & 108: Sexy Birthday People

18 Apr

So I had this drawing done yesterday but I promised that I wouldn’t post anything Doctor Who related. So I didn’t post anything at all hahaha. Today is the 18th and I decided that this was a more appropriate day to post this drawing because it is David Tennant’s birthday. He is a Scottish actor and he played the tenth version of the Doctor  and he is sexy and talented.

David Tennant: comic book edition.

It also happens to be the birthday of a very good friend of mine: AYISSE! Another sexy and talented individual. What is it with April 18th?!

Ayisse: I Forgot To Draw Clothes Edition

Happy birthday Ayisse (and David Tennant)! I love you (both)! ❤

Okay! That is all! Thanks for dropping by!

Day 106: More clothes, anyone?

16 Apr

Captain Jack Harkness

The Master


Based on these characters from Doctor Who.

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Okay, now I know that this activity has become a problem. I spent half of my entire day making these things. It’s really quite addicting. And ugh you’re probably all sick of Doctor Who week so I promise that this entry will be the final one. Tomorrow I will get off of this blasted site and do actual productive things. Outside the internet. That are not Doctor Who related.

See you tomorrow?

Day 105: Fashion Styling!

15 Apr

What if I told you that I’ve been doing a bit of fashion styling on the side lately and that the following are some of the looks that I’ve put together?

Look #9

Look #10

Look #11

Okay so I lied. It is still Doctor Who week here at the Epic Year Project! And these outfits were designed by me with the help of this fantastic site based on the costumes of the three most recent Doctors from Doctor Who: Nine, Ten and Eleven!

Nine, Ten and Eleven.


So this is how I spent my Friday night. I was actually invited to a dance party and I was gonna go too, until I stumbled onto this site by way of Bang and I couldn’t leave. I spent about 3 or 4 hours putting these outfits together! It’s very addicting. But I feel that it was also a productive use of my time. I mean, I didn’t spend it watching television so that’s always good.  And a lot of mind power was put into this whole endeavor. I feel like brand new, previously unused, areas of my brain were stimulated! It was challenging to translate men’s clothes into women’s clothes and to choose the models so they resemble the actors and oh oh the backgrounds of each one is relevant to a scene that each doctor was in and the accessories are the same color as their respective sonic screwdrivers (blue ring and bracelet for Nine and Ten, green earrings for Eleven)! This is very well-thought out stuff, people. Plus, even if you are not a Doctor Who fan, these are very beautiful clothes. So there’s that.

Go to the website now and watch as the hours go whooshing past. Oh and add me as a friend while you’re at it haha.

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See you tomorrow!