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Day 158: The Crossover That Wouldn’t Die

7 Jun

This crossover has taken over my life. Because of course it has.

In which Charles Xavier (John Watson) has been invalided home from Cuba (Afghanistan).

I apologize. I know nobody else understands these things but they are in my head and won’t let me move on with my life until I get them out.

EDIT: (so that you at least have an idea of where this is coming from)

Here’s that scene in Sherlock where John says one of his most famous lines.


Just so that your visit here wasn’t a gigantic waste of time, here have a cupcake. (Disclaimer: I did not make this gif but I wish I did).

True cupcakes lie between rage and serenity.


Tomorrow mankind will know that cupcakes exist. They will fear us, and that fear will turn to cupcakes.


There is so much more to cupcakes than you know, not just pain and anger. There’s cupcakes in you too. You can harness all cupcakes.

Holy shit. I think I want “You can harness all cupcakes” on a t-shirt.

Okay I’ll stop now. See you tomorrow!


Day 157: Drawing Again

6 Jun

Let me set this drawing up with three facts:

1. My drawing hand is all better. Yay!

2. I saw X-Men: First Class last night.

3. My favorite TV series of all time (SHERLOCK, just in case you’re new here) is about these two blokes (yes, I use british slang now. British slang is cool. Boom. Ten points to people (read:Edu) who will get the Doctor Who reference) who love each other in a very platonic, non-sexual way, even if the rest of the world think otherwise. And guess what. That’s exactly what X-Men: First Class is all about. Epic Bromance.

And so I made this. It was inevitable, really.

Without further ado, I bring you SHERLOCK: First Class.

No regrets, just crossovers.

I’m sorry. You will only get this if you’ve already seen X-Men: First Class. And you have the Sherlock script memorized. Anyone? Just me, then. Okay. Just had to get that out of my system because this was all I could think about when I was watching the movie.

There are a lot of pretty faces in it that I really want to draw though. Like James McAvoy (can I just have this one hipster moment in the sun and say that I’ve loved James McAvoy since Band of Brothers? Can I? Please?), Fassy A.K.A. Handsome Shark, and that boy with the pretty pretty mouth, who looks like Ron Weasley and plays Banshee.

I’ll do this tomorrow! See you then!


Day 148: Random Crossover

28 May

So this just happened.

Sherly Stardust

I regret nothing.

See you tomorrow!