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Day 245-246: Sherlock Comic in 2 parts

3 Sep

What really happens in Sherlock’s head when John says things like this out loud.


That’s all! See you tomorrow!


Days 201-203: SHERLOCK Poster Series

22 Jul

This is the first set, of what is to be a series of sets (at least that’s the plan), of Sherlock episode posters. I thought I would take a break from drawing for a bit and try something else.

I’m quite pleased with how these turned out. I had missed working in Illustrator and there’s something therapeutic about making vectors from scratch. So yay.

In other news, I’m still working on the selling stuff bit. I might devote the weekend to getting on top of that.

That’s all! See you next time!


Due to insistent public demand, these things are now FOR SALE!

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Day 199: Happy Birthday BC

19 Jul

Benedict Cumberbatch is 35 today!

Happy birthday, Benny!

He is so pogi.

That is all.

Day 194-195: Patronuses. Patroni?

14 Jul

So I totally got this idea from the Frodo Patronus that’s been floating around on Facebook, and I made some Sherlock ones. I regret nothing.

My Patronus is a Consulting Detective. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. http://apps.facebook.com/patro nus-hp/

My Patronus is an Army Doctor. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. http://apps.facebook.com/patro nus-hp/

My Patronus is a Detective Inspector/Silver Fox. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. http://apps.facebook.com/patro nus-hp/

My Patronus is The British Government. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. http://apps.facebook.com/patro nus-hp/

That is all! See you next time!

Day 157: Drawing Again

6 Jun

Let me set this drawing up with three facts:

1. My drawing hand is all better. Yay!

2. I saw X-Men: First Class last night.

3. My favorite TV series of all time (SHERLOCK, just in case you’re new here) is about these two blokes (yes, I use british slang now. British slang is cool. Boom. Ten points to people (read:Edu) who will get the Doctor Who reference) who love each other in a very platonic, non-sexual way, even if the rest of the world think otherwise. And guess what. That’s exactly what X-Men: First Class is all about. Epic Bromance.

And so I made this. It was inevitable, really.

Without further ado, I bring you SHERLOCK: First Class.

No regrets, just crossovers.

I’m sorry. You will only get this if you’ve already seen X-Men: First Class. And you have the Sherlock script memorized. Anyone? Just me, then. Okay. Just had to get that out of my system because this was all I could think about when I was watching the movie.

There are a lot of pretty faces in it that I really want to draw though. Like James McAvoy (can I just have this one hipster moment in the sun and say that I’ve loved James McAvoy since Band of Brothers? Can I? Please?), Fassy A.K.A. Handsome Shark, and that boy with the pretty pretty mouth, who looks like Ron Weasley and plays Banshee.

I’ll do this tomorrow! See you then!


Day 148: Random Crossover

28 May

So this just happened.

Sherly Stardust

I regret nothing.

See you tomorrow!

Days 141-142: The Motherf*cking BAFTA Awards

22 May

This post is Rated R for language.

I am sorry but this has been a very emotional day for me. The BAFTAS happened today and I am feeling all of the feelings!!!

gratuitious picture of my face

Okay so you already know by now that I am emotionally invested in this TV show, SHERLOCK. It was nominated for 3 awards: Best Drama Series, Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Best Supporting Actor for Martin Freeman.

I was watching it online right? And then they announced that they won the Best Drama Award. And I was like:

oh yeah

And then later on, when it cam to the Best Supporting Actor Award and they announce Martin Freeman’s name, I was all:


Then it got to the Best Actor Award, for which Matt Smith is nominated as well, by the way, for his brilliant work on Doctor Who, so already my brain was hurting because as much as I adore Matt Smith, I really wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to win this year. But then they announce the winner, and it is neither Benedict nor Matt. It was this other guy, who I am sure is a fantastic actor, but I guess everyone was expecting it to either be Sherlock or the Doctor so nobody saw that one coming. And I was all like:


And I was just really sad. So I made this.

It's John trying to cheer Sherlock up because he didn't win a BAFTA. 😦

I posted this on Tumblr and someone told me that she didn’t know if she should love me or hate me for the comic because it made her sad. So then I thought that it could be worse. At least Martin Freeman won. And more importantly, they won Best Drama. So then I cheered up a bit and was like:


And so then I made this.

It was well-deserved. 🙂

So there. It’s all good. More or less.

Oh oh oh! Apart from the awards, a couple of other great things came from this whole thing.

1. Martin Freeman accidentally let slip in his post-win interview that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in The Hobbit.

gaaaaaaaah a;sldkfjga;slkdjf;alsfkj

In case you forgot, Martin Freeman is playing the title role of The Fucking Hobbit. Seriously you guys, the cast for this movie is just insane now! My attention will have to be split between Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Fry, Lee Pace and now Benedict Cumberbatch as well. How ever shall I cope?

And 2. Look! I think I can draw again sort of! So yay!

That is all! See you soon!

Days 127-128: Sick!

8 May

So I was sick the entire weekend. Which was awesome for me (/sarcasm) because this was the weekend that I was supposed to get stuff done. I had some fun weekend-y projects lined up, plus I was supposed to go out with Alice who is here visiting for a couple weeks (I’m sorry Alice!) Instead I was bed-ridden, couldn’t breathe properly through my nose, and had a dreadful headache. I hate being sick! I was constantly sick when I was a kid and it was horrible and there’s only so much a person can take of this getting sick business. I’m sick of it! (ba-dum-tsss)

So I tried to cheer myself up by drawing some good-looking men. Here they are.

I don’t think you have to know who these people are to appreciate their faces. But in case you’re wondering, they are Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) and I’m so excited because the second season of Sherlock is in pre-production right now and they are going to start rehearsals next week. Gaaaaahhhh. (click here for Sherlock-y spam)

Unfortunately, drawing these attractive people did not make me feel better physically. It did wonders for my morale though. So although it still feels like a chunk of my cerebral cortex has been ripped out of my skull, my heart is happy. Which is very important.

That’s all! I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow! We’ll just have to wait and see!