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Days 242-244: Sharky Things

1 Sep

Due to the recent Firefly Takeover of my life, I had neglected to post anything to the Shark blog for three weeks. And so this is to make up for that. I owe it to the 15 loyal followers of that blog to provide them with their weekly dose of… whatever this is.

Skydiving: better with sharks.

Breakfast in bed: better with sharks.

The Sound of Music: better with sharks.

That is all! See you tomorrow!


Day 221: Mount Sharkmore

9 Aug

So I made this shark blog a couple of days ago as a joke. But, somehow, it now has 9 followers?! And the Mona Lishark (as seen in this post) has been liked and reblogged by over forty of the most ridiculous people on the planet. I mean, why?? Oh also, I got a message from fuckyeahgreatwhites saying that it is an awesome blog. It was very heartwarming. Hahahaha.

And so! It looks like this is something else that I will be doing now. Maybe once or twice a week, if I don’t feel like drawing, I will just photoshop pictures of sharks onto pictures of other stuff. And today, it’s this.

Mount Rushmore: better with sharks

I’m really sorry if you came here expecting greater things. Basically, this is all I am about now. Sharks and photoshop. Deal.

See you tomorrow!


7 Aug

This week, I thought a lot about how sharks are awesome, majestic creatures and decided that surely a lot of things would be better with sharks. Here are some examples.

Ball pits: better with sharks

Synchronized swimming: better with sharks

Water polo: better with sharks

Family picnics: better with sharks

The Mona Lisa: better with sharks

Also, I may or may not have created a new blog devoted to things that are better with sharks called Better With Sharks. People could submit their own photos and everything. It’s legit yo.

That is all! See you tomorrow!

Days 159-160: Gratuitous Drawing of Myself: It’s Too Hot Edition

9 Jun

It’s too hot.

I’ve been trying, and failing, to draw the Mutant Husbands for the past two days. Drawing real people to look like their real selves requires arm movement and hand-eye coordination that is just not possible in this heat.

We moved into this apartment in the dead of winter and the only thing that mattered then was that there was heat. We only just realized, now that it’s 700 degrees out, that there is no AC in this apartment. We don’t even have an electric fan. Whistling for wind doesn’t work here either, for some reason.

I can’t. I just can’t.

So I know I promised portraits of the Mutant Husbands, but seeing as I am in a heat-induced drawing rut, here is a quick animation of a doodle of what I look like right now instead. Because I couldn’t draw the Mutant Husbands. Because it’s too hot.

It's too hot.

I’m going to take another cold shower now.

See you next time.

Day 143: Lunchtime Doodle

23 May

Look! It’s Day 143! And we all know what 143 stands for.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank you, beloved friends, for still checking out this blog everyday, undeterred by the often questionable quality of the posts. Readership is steadily increasing for some reason (where are you people coming from?) And yesterday we got the highest number of hits (double the previous record!) which was mostly due to the kids from tumblr coming over for the very emotional BAFTA post, and to those kids, I say thank you as well. So to everyone, I just wanted to really say, from the bottom of my heart that

I made this over my lunch break today and I found it quite refreshing to not overly think about what to make and just do whatever pops up into my head first. No sketches. Just straight up doodling with a sharpie on some graph paper. The Epic Year Project: putting unused office supplies to good use since, erm, 143 days ago.

That’s all! I’m watching the Arctic Monkeys tomorrow so my next post may have something to do with that, and may be delayed a day as I will probably get home bruised and broken and soaked with other people’s sweat and too tired to do anything besides taking a long shower and passing out. It is going to be awesome.


21 May

So I made this two days ago but thought twice about posting it. Only because I might have readers who believe that they will magically float to heaven on May 21st. Now that it is May 21st and no one has been taken, it is therefore the appropriate time to poke fun at them and post this.


Look it’s a pun! I feel so smart.

See you later for more unposted entries.

Days 129-130: Kermit

10 May


Being sick makes me miserable. Can I just please not be sick anymore? I’m really sad.

Hold me. 😦

You will have to forgive me for the following tasks. The past two days have rendered me almost incapable of doing anything productive. I tried my hardest and I’m afraid these are what I’ve somehow come up with.

Day 129:

May 9th 1955 was the day that a muppet first appeared on television. To commemorate this day, I drew this wonky Kermit the Frog.

I know this looks like something a toddler drew. I'm very ill.

Day 130:

This is the sickest I’ve ever felt this past week. My hands can’t even hold a pencil properly. So I was reduced to reusing my Kermit drawing to make this abomination.

someday we'll find it. the rainbow connection. umm, yeah.

That’s it. I just don’t want to be sick anymore. 😦

Day 125: A Friendly Greeting from Mr. Happy Burrito

5 May

On the 8th day of this year, I made this. As the months passed, this little guy slowly developed its own personality and back story in my head. He is Mr. Happy Burrito and he comes from Mexico. Today is Cinco De Mayo, a very important day in the history of Mr. Happy Burrito. And so here he is once again with a friendly greeting.


Day 122: Applying Skills That I Learned in Design School

2 May

It’s been a year since I graduated from ~design school~ and one of my classmates has organized a little get-together for our batch. Here is the invitation that I designed for it.

I just thought that this was the perfect opportunity for me to display all the things that I learned in school. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the culmination of almost two years of expert cramming and virtually zero sleep. I really like it and think that it is some of the best work that I’ve ever done.

That is all! See you tomorrow!

Day 83: Beer Ads

24 Mar

I just got home from a night out with people from the office and this was my first time drinking Stella Artois. And wow, was that a let down. I always had this image in my head of Stella as a sort of sophisticated beer with complex undertones and some shit. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. A workmate verbalized my sentiments perfectly when she said “it’s a step up from pee.” Oh and I just found out that in the UK, Stella is nicknamed “wife beater” because of its links to binge-drinking and aggression among drinkers. I shudder to think what they’d be capable of if they get their hands on some Red Horse.

So I decided to redesign some of Stella Artois’ old ads and repurposed their tag lines just so people know what they’re getting into if they want to drink this…drink. I can’t even call it beer now. I grew up with San Miguel (Pale Pilsen is the way to go, none of that Light bullshit) and that’s what I call beer. Stella does not deserve to be called the same thing. I’m really sorry if there are Stella fans among you. This is just how I feel.

I did not even have to edit this last one. This was an actual ad that ran in the UK. At least they're honest.

What I wouldn’t give for a bottle of Pale right now.

That is all! See you tomorrow!