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Day 335: A Christmas Song

1 Dec

Okay, this is not really a Christmas song but it’s about people wishing for things that they want, and around this time of the year, during this super commercialized holiday season, it could practically be an anthem.

I did this really quickly today. I didn’t do multiple takes. I didn’t play all of the instruments that I own. I didn’t even brush my hair. I just wanted to make this for you as an early Christmas present, and because it is very relevant to my my life as of late. So take it.

Thanks for watching and I will see you next time.


Days 84-91: The Task That Took Too Long To Finish

1 Apr


The only other project that took a long time to finish was my submission for The Sketchbook Project. And that only took me four days. And it’s substantially more impressive (to me) to fill a thirty page sketchbook with a story (which rhymes, by the way) and illustrations in four days than it is to make a video in a week. Just ugh. Anyway.

So remember how I got a guitar for Christmas? I also got a glockenspiel. And I wanted to learn how to play it and show you so I made this video. It was supposed to take two days, three days max. But my computer had other ideas. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had 6 or 7 audio tracks and a maximum of four video tracks simultaneously playing at any given point in this project, when in my previous videos, I only had one or two. I guess that exponentially increased the render time so that I would finish editing like a fourth of the video per night, after the first three days of practicing, recording and mixing. Blah blah blah long story short, it took considerably longer than I expected. But it’s finally here. And it doesn’t even look (or sound) like it took a week to make. But whatever. IT’S DONE! AND I DON’T HAVE TO LOOK AT IT EVER AGAIN!

So yay.

I would like to say “see you tomorrow” but I’m watching The Strokes tomorrow (!) and LCD Soundsystem’s very last show the day after that (!!!) so I can’t promise anything.

See you whenever! 😀

Days 51 & 52: A Song of Love

21 Feb

The Week of Love is over! And to bring this thing to a close, here is a song of love. It’s called “Songs of Love.”

I’m afraid I didn’t write this one either. I don’t think I have the capacity to write songs. I’ll leave that to the experts. I can only try and make semi-okay covers of songs, and so that’s what I did. I didn’t expect this task to take two days though, but with all the practicing and taking the video and adding in ultra high technology special computer effects, one day just wasn’t enough.

This video is also interactive. I realized from the last video I made that I tend to mumble and so I couldn’t understand the words that were coming out of my mouth. With the addition of specialized karaoke graphics to this video, you could finally understand what I’m saying and maybe, if you want, you could even sing along.

The end! See you tomorrow!

Day 22: Make Youtube Debut

22 Jan

My mother gave me a blue guitar for Christmas and I’ve named it Clementine because the color reminded me of this guy.

And we all know what his favorite song is.

I thought I’d introduce my guitar to you through a song number. So here we go. This is an Elliott Smith cover and I hope that’s okay.


See you tomorrow!