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Day 126: Star Wars Clothes

6 May

It’s the weekend so you can’t stop me from doing this. Also, I am really not in the mood to draw or write or think as I find myself suddenly sick! What the hell!

So here are some clothes inspired by some Star Wars characters. I find it unnecessary to post what the original characters look like because I am sick. Also, because you all know what they look like. And if you’ve never seen Star Wars, this is the perfect opportunity to do some research and educate yourself. Also, how on earth have you never seen Star Wars?

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Gaaaah I hate being sick. I hope it doesn’t get worse tomorrow. 😦 Also, Star Wars!


Day 120: Merlin Fashion

30 Apr

Seeing as it is the weekend, I have been spending hours on Looklet once again. This time, recreating the outfits of the two main characters in the BBC series that started my unhealthy fondness for the BBC: MERLIN. We all know the story of wise, old wizard Merlin, but this series is different in that the characters are in their twenties and also there are a lot of cute boys.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Anyway, have some clothes. Here’s Merlin.



And here’s Arthur.



And there you have it. The hopeless puddle of uncool that is my life. See you tomorrow!

Day 119: Obligatory Royal Wedding Post

29 Apr

First, a note about the site. If you look at the sidebar, you will notice that I’ve added categories and tags. I wasn’t able to actually go through and tag each and every entry yet but I’m going to do that little by little throughout the next few days because although this task helps to organize my posts, it is also incredibly tedious.

On to the actual post!

I was planning on making a Royal Portrait of the newlyweds for my Obligatory Royal Wedding Post. It was a very good plan. I had preliminary sketches too. I was just waiting to see what Kate’s dress was going to look like. But then of course, I got completely sidetracked because Princess Beatrice happened.

And she was wearing this glorious masterpiece of a hat. I think I'm going to call it The Fallopian Hat. She stole the show completely. For me, at least. And her sister's hat wasn't too shabby either.

And dear oh dear I think I spent four hours trying to capture the essence of this ridiculous hat, which in society’s standards is probably considered Way Too Much Time. I don’t know. It was speaking to me. It was saying “draw me like one of your french girls.”

Look at my life. Look at my choices.

See you when I’ve made something that isn’t as pointless as this post.

But look it’s funny because: her hat.

Days 111-113: All My Love to the Wardrobe Department of SHERLOCK

24 Apr

Someday, I will get bored with this website. Maybe when I run out of TV shows to get inspired by. But apparently, this is how I spend my weekends now. Is it absolutely terrible that I waste entire days browsing through thousands of articles of clothing trying to match the outfits of fictional characters from television shows? Yes. Do I care? Not really, no.

Okay then. The past three nights have been spent recreating the outfits from BBC’s Sherlock, the most brilliant adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic. The design in that show is impeccable. The sets are amazing, the prop selection is very intelligent. But the fashion, you guys. The outfits are so fantastically well-thought of and present, that they are almost characters in their own right, separate entities from the people wearing them. The characters in the show are so aware of how fantastic they look that they feel the need to point out their designer clothing, even at freaking gunpoint!


Dissertations have been written about this! People have created fiction based on the relationship between John’s sweaters (or jumpers, as I like to call them now) and Sherlock’s iconic blue scarf. A song has been written about Sherlock’s purple shirt of sex, and it is beautiful. People have never been this obsessed with the wardrobe department of any television show in history! (Look at me trying to justify the unreasonable amount of time I spent on this task hahahaha)

Enough talk. Here come the clothes.

Part 1: Sherlock

Three of Sherlocks's most recognizable outfits: The Swishy Coat, The Purple Shirt of Sex, and his pyjamas.

Look #1: The Game is On!

Look #2: Highly Functioning!

Look #3: Bored!

Part 2: John

A selection of John's outfits from each of the three episodes of the series.

Look #1: A Study in Pink

Look #2: The Blind Banker

Look #3: The Great Game

Part 3: Sexy Men in their Suits

The three dashing men in the lives of Sherlock and John: Jim Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes, and Detective Inspector Lestrade.

Look #1: Moriarty

Look #2: Mycroft

Look #3: Lestrade

And there you have it. The entire wardrobe of the TV show Sherlock.

Also, I am a loser and my life is a joke. But we already knew that.

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See you later for some Easter things!

Day 106: More clothes, anyone?

16 Apr

Captain Jack Harkness

The Master


Based on these characters from Doctor Who.

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Okay, now I know that this activity has become a problem. I spent half of my entire day making these things. It’s really quite addicting. And ugh you’re probably all sick of Doctor Who week so I promise that this entry will be the final one. Tomorrow I will get off of this blasted site and do actual productive things. Outside the internet. That are not Doctor Who related.

See you tomorrow?

Day 105: Fashion Styling!

15 Apr

What if I told you that I’ve been doing a bit of fashion styling on the side lately and that the following are some of the looks that I’ve put together?

Look #9

Look #10

Look #11

Okay so I lied. It is still Doctor Who week here at the Epic Year Project! And these outfits were designed by me with the help of this fantastic site based on the costumes of the three most recent Doctors from Doctor Who: Nine, Ten and Eleven!

Nine, Ten and Eleven.


So this is how I spent my Friday night. I was actually invited to a dance party and I was gonna go too, until I stumbled onto this site by way of Bang and I couldn’t leave. I spent about 3 or 4 hours putting these outfits together! It’s very addicting. But I feel that it was also a productive use of my time. I mean, I didn’t spend it watching television so that’s always good.  And a lot of mind power was put into this whole endeavor. I feel like brand new, previously unused, areas of my brain were stimulated! It was challenging to translate men’s clothes into women’s clothes and to choose the models so they resemble the actors and oh oh the backgrounds of each one is relevant to a scene that each doctor was in and the accessories are the same color as their respective sonic screwdrivers (blue ring and bracelet for Nine and Ten, green earrings for Eleven)! This is very well-thought out stuff, people. Plus, even if you are not a Doctor Who fan, these are very beautiful clothes. So there’s that.

Go to the website now and watch as the hours go whooshing past. Oh and add me as a friend while you’re at it haha.

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See you tomorrow!

Days 96-98: Doodles

9 Apr

We got our internet connection back about three days ago. But man, I’m really rubbish at this posting everyday thing. It’s just that I’ve been extremely busy this week and when I get home, I just pass out. I’ve been doodling though! I just haven’t been posting. Ugh, I’m very sorry.

jean-luc does not approve of my failure.

Okay. So here’s what I’ve been doing the past week.

Day 96: Kurt Cobain’s Death Anniversary

Nirvana was the first non-Disney, non-broadway musical, nonpop music that I listened to. Kurt Cobain was important to me. It was very sad when he died. Yadda yadda yadda. It was his 17th death anniversary this week. Here’s my tribute doodle.

Three unrelated thoughts: 1) Nirvana Unplugged in New York is one of my all-time favorite records, 2) I thought that Kurt Cobain had angrysad eyes, and 3) I just realized that I am now a year older than Kurt Cobain was when he died.

Day 97: Gratuitous Drawing of Myself (Fancy Gala Edition)

On Thursday night, the office went to this awards show gala. It’s like the Oscars for graphic designers. A lot of big name designers were there, like Milton Glaser and Chip Kidd. It was very fancy. Everyone was expected to dress to the nines. I had to wear heels! And so my sister and I went shopping the night before and she got me these zoxy heels that made me seven-feet tall. I’ve never worn heels these tall and so I moved very slowly, if at all. I’m proud to say that I did not embarrass myself by tripping and getting my ankles sprained. So yay. Anyway, I wanted to show you what I wore, lookbook-stylee.

What I wore: a tank top, a frilly skirt, an over-sized suit jacket, a chain-y necklace, the zoxy heels, my Nooka watch, and a clutch with beaded bumblebees on it.

Day 98: Happy Birthday Joe!

It was my good friend Joe’s birthday on Friday and so I made this ten-minute sketch of him looking very happy (because in all the years I’ve known Joe, I’ve never seen him look happier than this past year yikeeeee) and doing his favorite pose.

Happy Birthday Joe!!! ❤

That is all!

I am working on a poster right now and it will probably take me two days so. See you tomorrow!