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Days 242-244: Sharky Things

1 Sep

Due to the recent Firefly Takeover of my life, I had neglected to post anything to the Shark blog for three weeks. And so this is to make up for that. I owe it to the 15 loyal followers of that blog to provide them with their weekly dose of… whatever this is.

Skydiving: better with sharks.

Breakfast in bed: better with sharks.

The Sound of Music: better with sharks.

That is all! See you tomorrow!



7 Aug

This week, I thought a lot about how sharks are awesome, majestic creatures and decided that surely a lot of things would be better with sharks. Here are some examples.

Ball pits: better with sharks

Synchronized swimming: better with sharks

Water polo: better with sharks

Family picnics: better with sharks

The Mona Lisa: better with sharks

Also, I may or may not have created a new blog devoted to things that are better with sharks called Better With Sharks. People could submit their own photos and everything. It’s legit yo.

That is all! See you tomorrow!

Days 207-213: Harry Potter Book Posters

1 Aug

I know I haven’t been on here for exactly a week. There’s a reason! And it is this: I’ve been sleeping. This is how a typical day in the past week went. I wake up, go to work, work, get home from work, and then sleep for like 12 hours, and then I wake up, go to work, etc, etc. It was weird. It could be a medical condition but I couldn’t really be arsed to find out.

So over the weekend (which incidentally was Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday, plus the (soft) opening of Pottermore for the well and truly nerdy. I’m SkyNox31! If you see me, say hi!) and tonight, I made these 7 posters in a series I am thinking of calling “The HP Computer Icons Book Poster Series of Zen.” The title’s a work in progress. It uses only computer icons to illustrate key moments in the books/films, in celebration of the historic moment went Harry Potter goes/went digital. There is one poster for each of the seven books of the Harry Potter series, and for each of the days that I missed on this blog. Shhh this is not cheating.

You can like this on Tumblr, if that’s something you’de be interested in doing.

That’s it! See you tomorrow!

EDIT: So stupidly, I misspelled “Deathly Hallows” as “Deathly Hollows” because I am an idiot. I even double and triple checked that I spelled Azkaban right, and if Half-blood prince had a hyphen or not. Ugh. It’s fixed now but the misspelled version is floating around in tumblr with at least 500 likes and reblogs and ugh ugh ugh whyyyyy)


Days 201-203: SHERLOCK Poster Series

22 Jul

This is the first set, of what is to be a series of sets (at least that’s the plan), of Sherlock episode posters. I thought I would take a break from drawing for a bit and try something else.

I’m quite pleased with how these turned out. I had missed working in Illustrator and there’s something therapeutic about making vectors from scratch. So yay.

In other news, I’m still working on the selling stuff bit. I might devote the weekend to getting on top of that.

That’s all! See you next time!


Due to insistent public demand, these things are now FOR SALE!

Like/Reblog this on tumblr if you want!





Day 194-195: Patronuses. Patroni?

14 Jul

So I totally got this idea from the Frodo Patronus that’s been floating around on Facebook, and I made some Sherlock ones. I regret nothing.

My Patronus is a Consulting Detective. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. nus-hp/

My Patronus is an Army Doctor. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. nus-hp/

My Patronus is a Detective Inspector/Silver Fox. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. nus-hp/

My Patronus is The British Government. Find yours with the Harry Potter Patronus App. nus-hp/

That is all! See you next time!

Days 141-142: The Motherf*cking BAFTA Awards

22 May

This post is Rated R for language.

I am sorry but this has been a very emotional day for me. The BAFTAS happened today and I am feeling all of the feelings!!!

gratuitious picture of my face

Okay so you already know by now that I am emotionally invested in this TV show, SHERLOCK. It was nominated for 3 awards: Best Drama Series, Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Best Supporting Actor for Martin Freeman.

I was watching it online right? And then they announced that they won the Best Drama Award. And I was like:

oh yeah

And then later on, when it cam to the Best Supporting Actor Award and they announce Martin Freeman’s name, I was all:


Then it got to the Best Actor Award, for which Matt Smith is nominated as well, by the way, for his brilliant work on Doctor Who, so already my brain was hurting because as much as I adore Matt Smith, I really wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to win this year. But then they announce the winner, and it is neither Benedict nor Matt. It was this other guy, who I am sure is a fantastic actor, but I guess everyone was expecting it to either be Sherlock or the Doctor so nobody saw that one coming. And I was all like:


And I was just really sad. So I made this.

It's John trying to cheer Sherlock up because he didn't win a BAFTA. 😦

I posted this on Tumblr and someone told me that she didn’t know if she should love me or hate me for the comic because it made her sad. So then I thought that it could be worse. At least Martin Freeman won. And more importantly, they won Best Drama. So then I cheered up a bit and was like:


And so then I made this.

It was well-deserved. 🙂

So there. It’s all good. More or less.

Oh oh oh! Apart from the awards, a couple of other great things came from this whole thing.

1. Martin Freeman accidentally let slip in his post-win interview that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in The Hobbit.

gaaaaaaaah a;sldkfjga;slkdjf;alsfkj

In case you forgot, Martin Freeman is playing the title role of The Fucking Hobbit. Seriously you guys, the cast for this movie is just insane now! My attention will have to be split between Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Fry, Lee Pace and now Benedict Cumberbatch as well. How ever shall I cope?

And 2. Look! I think I can draw again sort of! So yay!

That is all! See you soon!

Day 140: R.I.P. Macho Man

21 May

I was an avid WWF fan when I was about 7. And although Macho Man was not my Favorite Wrestler Ever, a title which The Ultimate Warrior holds to this day, he was still a great part of that chapter of my childhood and it is still sad to see him go.

And since he is the first victim of The Raptor, I thought that warranted some sort of fancy photoshop graphic. Normally, I would draw something but I opted to make this instead due to the fact that I have stopped drawing because me no draw good anymore. Still in a rut, I suppose.

R.I.P. Randy Savage (1952-2011)

That’s all. See you later or tomorrow or whenever!

Day 62: Wikipedia = Truth (A Fangirl Graphic)

3 Mar

I’m sorry. I know this is of no relevance to most of you, i.e. everyone except the special few who adore the BBC series SHERLOCK the way I do (hullo, cumberbitches!) I try to keep my fangirling compartmentalized in Tumblr but something fantastic happened last night which inspired me to make some Martin Freeman (he’s the actor who plays Dr. John Watson in the series) graphics today. The last one I made got over 1400 likes and reblogs on Tumblr for some reason. That was nice.

So last night, Martin Freeman’s Wikipedia entry was updated to include a very important fact. I’ve mentioned this before in my previous Martin Freeman Appreciation Post but let me say it again. MARTIN FREEMAN IS MADE OF KITTENS. And now, we have confirmation.

I took a screen cap that shows the date just to prove that this was a real thing that happened. And also for archiving purposes just in case it were to be taken down and re-edited back to the dull version.

I believe it was changed back soon after but not before this happened.

He is PROBABLY not made out of kittens. But it's highly likely. Also, the section title is "OK." Oh, internet. Never change.

And so to commemorate the precious few moments that Wikipedia was, for once, an absolutely reliable source of accurate information, I made this thing.

I hope you like kittens. There are two in this picture, and they are twins.

That is all. Have a nice day! See you tomorrow!

Day 58: Reaction to the Oscars

27 Feb

Me, apparently.

This photo was from one day when it was strangely warm and sunny here and I thought it might be nice to buy myself a hotdog and spend my lunch break walking around outside. They installed this Oscar cam in the window of one of the shops and you can take your picture and they would email it to you and post it on the website. The budget for hyping up this thing was probably insane. And this was a couple weeks ago. Oscar fever only increased since then and it culminated today when with one voice, the internet exclaimed “Why the hell wasn’t Corey Haim in that Oscar Memorial video???”

Today was a rather exciting day on twitter and tumblr with everyone live posting about the Oscars. It was alright. I think it is safe to assume that hosting duties should be left to the comedians from now on, no matter how entertaining James Franco was (not as a host but from the fact that he was quite possibly baked). The winners were predictable. Of course Natlie Portman and Colin Firth would win. And I’m still quite peeved that Andrew Garfield didn’t even get a nomination. I guess the only truly exciting bit for me was when it got to the Best Original Score category. It was a either going to be Inception or The Social Network for me. I quite enjoyed both films and felt that my enjoyment had been magnified greatly with the aid of their respective scores.

“And the Oscar goes to Trent Reznor” is something one never thinks they’d hear in their life ever. The me from 1994 would have laughed at you if you told me the greasy-haired frontman of Nine Inch Nails was going to have the same amount of Oscars as Martin Scorsese someday. But alas. It was topnotch scoring and it was well-deserved. It will never change the fact, however, that although he is a bigshot Oscar winner now, to me, Trent Reznor will always be that guy who wrote the following lyrics.

You’ve come a long way, Trent Reznor. Well done.

And now, to bed. See you freaks tomorrow.

Day 42: Fangirl Graphics

11 Feb

Brace yourselves. This is a fangirl post.

Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve told you that the impetus to the creation of this blog was my increasingly alarming addiction to television. What you don’t know is that while this is completely true, there was one particular show that was the actual reason. I thought it was the most brilliant show I’d ever seen. Still do. I loved it so much that I watched it over and over again. I think it was when I was about to do my 5th or 6th run that I realized my love was getting out of hand (and that’s when I embarked on this project).

That most glorious of shows, ladies and gentlemen, is SHERLOCK. (Where my Cumberbitches at?)

In this show, there is a wonderful adorable amazing person who plays the character of Dr. John Watson. He “sees the poetry in the everyday man” and plays his characters extremely well. He likes to wear three-piece suits with ties and loves the whole 60’s mod sensibility. He has an extensive vinyl record collection. He deejays sometimes and goes crazy on the dancefloor with everyone else the rest of the time. This man’s name is MARTIN FREEMAN. And he is also made of kittens.

(Really tempted to do a picspam/gifspam but I don’t want to scare you off so I shall stop myself. If you want that though, click here.)

You know this man. You’ve seen him everywhere. He was in The Office UK where he played the original Jim character, Tim. He played John the porn star in Love Actually. He was in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He played motherfucking Arthur Dent in Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

If you’ve seen all these things and still don’t remember him, that’s just a testament to how good he is at playing these regular guy characters that you don’t realize that this is one actor playing all these roles. I remember him because I’m completely in love with him but that’s just me so I don’t blame you if you don’t recognize him. But all that’s about to change because he is about to be catapulted into the ultra-mainstream and you will remember his name, dammit, for he has recently been cast as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s LOTR prequel, The Hobbit.

Yesterday was the first press conference for the movie. And he said a lot of lovely sweet funny things in it. He was so excited, it was adorable! And as;ldfa;lksdjhfl I love him so I made a graphic of one of the things that he said.

"Profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker." I don't care how inarticulate he is. Look at him in that goddamned suit!

I love him. In case that wasn’t clear.


See you tomorrow!