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16 Nov

I don’t really have words for this. But I do have a painting that I made of what my face was doing the entire three hours it was happening, and probably for a few more hours after that (except for the moments when I was screaming).


Oh and you know what else I have? Videos. Here just watch them. You will understand how I feel.

This first one is the first 30 seconds of the concert. A very special moment.

This one you’ve probably seen on Facebook. So I promised myself I would only take videos of five songs max so I could spend the rest of the time actually enjoying the concert. The Pretender was one of them. My Hero was another. They played them one after the other. IT WAS AWESOME.

Another song on my 5 Videos list: Monkey Wrench. ALL TEN MINUTES OF IT.

Here is a video of Dave Grohl head-banging near where we were standing to the intro of Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh?” Taylor Hawkins sang. *swoon*

This is song Number 4 on my list: Best of You. Acoustic!

This song isn’t on the list. It’s a special number with a super secret guest performer. Alright IT’S JOAN JETT. JOAN JETT, YOU GUYS. I CAN’T. I JUST CAN’T.

And the last song on my list, the last song of the night, and what is probably going to be the last song of all of their concerts until the end of time: Everlong. (Oh and I should probably explain that at the beginning of the video, people were booing because some idiot threw a demo CD at Dave Grohl and it almost cost us this song. He was pretty miffed.)

Other songs that I didn’t take a video of but should have: Arlandria (my favourite from the new record), Breakout (classic), and Cold Day in the Sun (Taylor Hawkins *swoon*)

And that’s that. All in all: fuckin’ majestic, man. Just. Yeah.


Days 305-306: Daryl BAMF Dixon

2 Nov

It is November and I’m back! For most of the month of October, I was playing host to Ayisse’s New York City Adventures and my one task for that month is delayed due to photo uploading circumstances (hint hint, Ayisse :p). I will upload it when it’s ready.

In the meantime, I thought it was a good idea to post some The Walking Dead art for the Day of the Dead. This feels like it’s going to be another drawing series, so I’m starting with my favourite character with whom I have fallen hopelessly in love. And who else from that show would strike my fancy other than the redneck stealth ninja zombie assassin Daryl Dixon with his sexy, sexy crossbow, played by the incredibly yummy Norman Reedus, who I met recently at Comic Con!

Here he is at the Walking Dead panel, trying to distract the adorable Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) in the middle of answering a question. I can't even handle my emotions for Norman Reedus right now.

He is so gwapo. Ugh.

Anyway, here he is as Daryl Dixon, Sexy Bamf with a Crossbow.

That is all! See you next time!