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29 Sep

It’s my birthday! And I’m treating myself to one week of doing nothing productive on my free time. Because all free time will be official dancing time.


See you in a few days!



Days 262-267: Glamlock

24 Sep

There’s a new craze going around in the Sherlock fandom and it is called Glamlock. For the uninitiated, Glamlock is an alternate universe in which Sherlock and John a.k.a. Johnny Lazers are musicians in a glam rock band called Sussex Vampires. And I drew fanart for it! Because I am a huge nerd and to me this is an activity worth losing sleep over. I don’t even regret anything.

Days 262-263: Johnny Lazers

Days 264-265: Glamlock Holmes

And this is what they look like side by side, if you reblog it over at my Tumblr.

The V in the middle is the band's official logo. Erm, yeah.

Days 266-267: Jim Glamiarty

And this is Jim from rival band Moriarty. (On Tumblr)

And that’s that. See you next time!

Day 261: Snooplock Holmes and John “Peanut” Watson

18 Sep

So I read a discussion on my tumblr dash this morning about how John’s nickname in Chinese is “peanut” and then I was immediately reminded of Peanuts because in my head apparently everything’s connected like the circle of life or some shit. And so this happened.

I regret nothing! See you next time!

Days 259-260: The God Complex

17 Sep

I just have a lot of feelings about Amy Pond and the Doctor alright?

See you next time. 😦

Day 257-258: Happy Birthday Maria

15 Sep

Hello to my new friend Maria! And happy birthday!

This may be a bit late in Leipzig time. But it’s still the 15th here in NY so technically, it’s still your birthday. I hope you had a good one! 😀

Days 253-254: Nine Eleven

11 Sep

Days 251-252: Sherlock Holmes

9 Sep

In a few days, it will have been 16 years since the untimely death of Jeremy Brett, an actor most famous for playing Sherlock Holmes in the Granada TV series. I wanted to see what the modern day Sherlock Holmes adaptation would look like if Jeremy Brett played the title role. And this is what happened.

See you next time.

Days 249-250: Happy Birthday M. Freemz

8 Sep

Portrait for swear-y birthday boy, Martin Freeman, love of my life, fire of my loins, etc etc, who turns 40 today.

He is so pogi. That is all.

(This is on Tumblr.)

Days 247-248: Happy Birthday Freddie

5 Sep

Happy birthday, Freddie. I love you.

(print for sale here :D)

Day 245-246: Sherlock Comic in 2 parts

3 Sep

What really happens in Sherlock’s head when John says things like this out loud.


That’s all! See you tomorrow!