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29 Aug

This is what I’ve been doing all of this time. I’ve been making portraits of every single member of the crew of FIREFLY because I am really upset that it got cancelled. After 14 episodes and a movie. The world is unfair. So. I wanted to just get this out of my system. And decided to make one giant master post of all the Firefly portraits instead of posting them as I finished them.

Oh also, this project was designed to be displayed as a photoset on Tumblr. So if you’ve got a Tumblr, and you maybe want to reblog/like this, you may do so HERE. Or if you don’t have one, this is what it looks like with all the drawings together:


Here’s a closer look at each of the portraits.

Day 222-223: Zoe

Day 224-225: Wash

Day 226-227: Mal

Day 228-229: Jayne

Day 230-231: Shepherd Book

Day 232-233: Simon

Day 234-235: Kaylee

Day 236-237: Inara

Day 238-239: River

Day 240-241: Big Damn Heroes

And that’s that. I will go cry in a corner now and dream of a world where Firefly went on to do at least five more seasons. See you next time!


Day 222-223: Firefly Doodle #1

11 Aug

Guess what I’ve been watching lately.

Hint: it’s Firefly.

This here lady's name is Zoe. She is played by Gina Torres. I'm kind of obsessed with her face.

There might be more Firefly doodles in the future. There may not. I’m just sleepy all the time so it’s taking me longer to churn out stuff for this blog because I am always sleeping. Always. I just thought you should know. I know a couple of you have been worried because I haven’t been posting (I will reply to your messages when I am not sleepy). I’m alright. I’m just really sleepy. All of the goddamned time. Have I mentioned that I am sleepy all the time?


Day 221: Mount Sharkmore

9 Aug

So I made this shark blog a couple of days ago as a joke. But, somehow, it now has 9 followers?! And the Mona Lishark (as seen in this post) has been liked and reblogged by over forty of the most ridiculous people on the planet. I mean, why?? Oh also, I got a message from fuckyeahgreatwhites saying that it is an awesome blog. It was very heartwarming. Hahahaha.

And so! It looks like this is something else that I will be doing now. Maybe once or twice a week, if I don’t feel like drawing, I will just photoshop pictures of sharks onto pictures of other stuff. And today, it’s this.

Mount Rushmore: better with sharks

I’m really sorry if you came here expecting greater things. Basically, this is all I am about now. Sharks and photoshop. Deal.

See you tomorrow!

Day 220: London Riots!

8 Aug

Photo credit: Lewis Whyld/PA/AP. Text from Neil Gaiman's tweet.

My thoughts are with the people of London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds and all the other parts of the country that are being affected by this.

To all our British friends, please stay safe!


7 Aug

This week, I thought a lot about how sharks are awesome, majestic creatures and decided that surely a lot of things would be better with sharks. Here are some examples.

Ball pits: better with sharks

Synchronized swimming: better with sharks

Water polo: better with sharks

Family picnics: better with sharks

The Mona Lisa: better with sharks

Also, I may or may not have created a new blog devoted to things that are better with sharks called Better With Sharks. People could submit their own photos and everything. It’s legit yo.

That is all! See you tomorrow!

Day 214: Cartoon Lianne

2 Aug

It is the birthday of one of my bestest friends today. This is what she sort of looks like.


That is all! See you tomorrow!

Days 207-213: Harry Potter Book Posters

1 Aug

I know I haven’t been on here for exactly a week. There’s a reason! And it is this: I’ve been sleeping. This is how a typical day in the past week went. I wake up, go to work, work, get home from work, and then sleep for like 12 hours, and then I wake up, go to work, etc, etc. It was weird. It could be a medical condition but I couldn’t really be arsed to find out.

So over the weekend (which incidentally was Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday, plus the (soft) opening of Pottermore for the well and truly nerdy. I’m SkyNox31! If you see me, say hi!) and tonight, I made these 7 posters in a series I am thinking of calling “The HP Computer Icons Book Poster Series of Zen.” The title’s a work in progress. It uses only computer icons to illustrate key moments in the books/films, in celebration of the historic moment went Harry Potter goes/went digital. There is one poster for each of the seven books of the Harry Potter series, and for each of the days that I missed on this blog. Shhh this is not cheating.

You can like this on Tumblr, if that’s something you’de be interested in doing.

That’s it! See you tomorrow!

EDIT: So stupidly, I misspelled “Deathly Hallows” as “Deathly Hollows” because I am an idiot. I even double and triple checked that I spelled Azkaban right, and if Half-blood prince had a hyphen or not. Ugh. It’s fixed now but the misspelled version is floating around in tumblr with at least 500 likes and reblogs and ugh ugh ugh whyyyyy)