Days 180-182: My Favorite Stark (again)

1 Jul

After taking that two-day break that I badly needed, I went right back to drawing GoT characters. And I wanted to do Bran again because he was the first non-doodley drawing I made using Tim the Drawing Tablet, and as such he wasn’t as nice as the next ones that I did when I had a bit more practice. Also, because he’s my favorite. I regret nothing.

Bran Stark: The Winged Wolf

This one actually took me three days to finish (because unlike before, I didn’t forgo sleep in order to finish the drawing as soon as possible). I think I’m getting tired of this style just because it’s taking me longer and longer to finish a drawing (I think it’s ’cause I want it to look more and more realistic as time progresses) and I miss the times when it only took an hour or two to get a doodle done. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I draw the non-Starks. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see.

Oh wait! I realized just now that this post marks the halfway point of the year! It has been six months since I started this blog and I think I shall take this opportunity to do a progress report type of thing.

Here is one of the first drawings I did this year. It was for The Sketchbook Project 2011 and it is a good representation of my drawing skills in January.

oh yeah

I’ve improved quite a bit, I must say. That’s nice.

See you in a couple of days for Tyrion or Daenerys! 😀


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