Days 150-156: Guitar Practice

5 Jun

I am about to make a bunch of excuses so please bear with me.

I just wanted to say that I haven’t given up on this blog. It’s just that there’s this One Task that I’ve been trying to do. It was a special request. And quite a difficult one I might add.

Okay let me start over. Remember how my last task was the one where I built beds with my own hands? Yeah well the following day, I had all these bruises down my right arm because apparently, I had been flailing my arm a lot and slamming it against random solid objects (I do not remember doing this but this is the only explanation I could think of to explain the goddamned bruises) and it hurt really bad and I couldn’t even grip a pencil properly. So I figured, it’s probably a good idea to not draw for a while until my right arm healed.

And I just happened to have this special request from a friend just standing by for a couple of months now. The request was to play their favorite song on the guitar for my next video. And I haven’t done a video in a while so I thought it was high time to do another one. Plus, when I play guitar, it’s my left hand that does all the complicated bits with the chords and the right one just does the easy bits with the strumming, so this was a perfect way to give it a rest.

Only, like I said, the song is a really difficult one. I’ve been practicing for an average of two hours a day this entire week. Okay so there was a day when I didn’t practice at all but there were days (like today and yesterday) where I practiced for like 4 hours straight a day so it all balances out. I don’t know. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

But you see what happened was, because of all that sudden practicing after months of not even looking at my guitar (and even when I was playing before, I only did easy songs because I’m a lazy individual who does not wish to challenge herself at all), my left hand is now fucked up. The nerve endings have formed a union and started some sort of strike.  So although I have the song memorized, my left hand has basically given up doing what my brain wants it to. Plus it really really hurts. Also, I think there might be a pus related situation going on with my index finger. It ain’t pretty. So I might have to rest my hand now until it gets better before I do the video. Maybe a few days. A week, tops.

The upside though, is that my right hand is all better and I can go back to drawing again.


That is all. See you tomorrow. 😦


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