Day 143: Lunchtime Doodle

23 May

Look! It’s Day 143! And we all know what 143 stands for.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank you, beloved friends, for still checking out this blog everyday, undeterred by the often questionable quality of the posts. Readership is steadily increasing for some reason (where are you people coming from?) And yesterday we got the highest number of hits (double the previous record!) which was mostly due to the kids from tumblr coming over for the very emotional BAFTA post, and to those kids, I say thank you as well. So to everyone, I just wanted to really say, from the bottom of my heart that

I made this over my lunch break today and I found it quite refreshing to not overly think about what to make and just do whatever pops up into my head first. No sketches. Just straight up doodling with a sharpie on some graph paper. The Epic Year Project: putting unused office supplies to good use since, erm, 143 days ago.

That’s all! I’m watching the Arctic Monkeys tomorrow so my next post may have something to do with that, and may be delayed a day as I will probably get home bruised and broken and soaked with other people’s sweat and too tired to do anything besides taking a long shower and passing out. It is going to be awesome.


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