Day 105: Fashion Styling!

15 Apr

What if I told you that I’ve been doing a bit of fashion styling on the side lately and that the following are some of the looks that I’ve put together?

Look #9

Look #10

Look #11

Okay so I lied. It is still Doctor Who week here at the Epic Year Project! And these outfits were designed by me with the help of this fantastic site based on the costumes of the three most recent Doctors from Doctor Who: Nine, Ten and Eleven!

Nine, Ten and Eleven.


So this is how I spent my Friday night. I was actually invited to a dance party and I was gonna go too, until I stumbled onto this site by way of Bang and I couldn’t leave. I spent about 3 or 4 hours putting these outfits together! It’s very addicting. But I feel that it was also a productive use of my time. I mean, I didn’t spend it watching television so that’s always good.  And a lot of mind power was put into this whole endeavor. I feel like brand new, previously unused, areas of my brain were stimulated! It was challenging to translate men’s clothes into women’s clothes and to choose the models so they resemble the actors and oh oh the backgrounds of each one is relevant to a scene that each doctor was in and the accessories are the same color as their respective sonic screwdrivers (blue ring and bracelet for Nine and Ten, green earrings for Eleven)! This is very well-thought out stuff, people. Plus, even if you are not a Doctor Who fan, these are very beautiful clothes. So there’s that.

Go to the website now and watch as the hours go whooshing past. Oh and add me as a friend while you’re at it haha.

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See you tomorrow!


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