Days 80 & 81: Submission to eatsleepdraw Magazine

22 Mar is an online art community where they post 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe (lifted that from their website because I cannot be arsed to think for myself). Every month, they release a publication called eatsleepdraw Magazine and they are accepting artwork submissions for their next issue, the theme of which is “Crave.” Today is the deadline. I’ve known about this for over a week now, but of course, being me, I put it off til yesterday before I started working. I knew I wanted to spend at least two days on it just so it looks a little more polished than my usual doodles. Last night was the sketching and conceptualization phase and tonight was the execution. Look, I even inked my drawing. Here it is, y’all.

It's called "WANT."

I don’t know if it’s good enough to get put into the next issue. The stuff that people submit are insane. Oh well. Did my best. Hope it gets in.

See you tomorrow!


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