Day 79: Molo Soup

20 Mar

The heart wants what the heart wants. And this week, my heart wanted molo soup.

In our family, we make a mean molo soup. It is so mean that it is only made during family get-togethers and never on regular days. I’ve never actually tasted other people’s molo soup. But then why would I want to? Ours is very mean.

Today, my sister taught me how to make it (because, being the youngest girl in the family, I was surrounded by older, more qualified people so I’ve never actually had to learn how to cook it. Or any dish, really. An error I am trying to rectify with the Epic Year Project. Huzzah.) Well, an approximation of it. The main difference being the fact that they do not sell Knorr cubes in our supermarket! Making the end result not as mean but still pretty tasty, considering.

And now I will show you how it’s done.

Ingredients! Chicken broth (because, Knorr cubes! D:), carrots, an onion, scallions, an egg, molo wrapper, butter, ground beef, ground pork, and chicken. That's right. It takes the entire animal kingdom to make this evil soup. Deal with it.

Step 1: Cook the chicken in some chicken stock. Normally, we would just boil a whole chicken in water (and add Knorr cubes! D:) to make our own stock. But since we are making this dish for just the two of us, and not the usual thirty family members it requires to even warrant the suggestion that molo soup must be made, it's just a chicken breast in some stock.

Step 2: Chop all the things!

Step 3: Once it is cooked, make himay the chicken. I'm sorry, but I do not think there is an English word for himay. Is there? Maybe there's a French word for it. I'm not sure. But basically, use your fingers to shred the chicken.

Step 4: Take your chopped vegetables and combine them with the ground pork and the ground beef and the egg and some salt and pepper. In a bowl. With your hands. As if it were a party and you are the god of food and you are forcing the ingredients to mingle. With your hands.

Step 5: Make little dumplings out of the meat party and the molo wrapper.

Here is a diagram of how to do that.

Step 6: Sautee the onions in some oil and add in the chicken.

Step 7: Add the chicken stock that you used earlier to cook the chicken. Bring to a boil.

Step 8: Drop your brave little molo soldiers into the boiling soup. Their sacrifice won't be in vain.

Step 9: When the dumplings are done, add the scallions and a pat of butter.

Step 10: Enjoy. Because it is awesome.

That is all!

See you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Day 79: Molo Soup”

  1. heysummered March 21, 2011 at 4:32 am #

    YUMMMMMMMMMM I will write this recipe down because I’ve never tried making molo before 🙂

    • niña March 21, 2011 at 4:36 am #

      yay! i hope this is not useless because obviously there are no exact measurements of anything. but you will have Knorr cubes so you’re golden. oh and also, the vegetables should be chopped finer than in the picture. but good luck! 😀

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