Day 75: Shamrock Origami

17 Mar

I actually made this last night in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day (today), but I passed out before I was able to write this post. I don’t know why but I’ve just been very sleepy a lot lately. I’m sure it’s nothing more than stress but I sometimes like to think that I’ve come down with a special case of narcolepsy where I only fall asleep when I have to post entries for this blog.

It is St. Patrick’s Day! This day is such a big deal here that the usually black-clad throngs of people I see everyday on my walk to work are wearing bright green. There is an Irish pub on my street and there is a line of people trying to get in because it’s a party inside. This was 9 in the morning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was going on since the clock struck midnight last night. It is such a huge deal in this country that my younger brother’s middle name is Patrick because he was born here on St. Patrick’s Day. So, happy birthday, JP! Today’s task is dedicated to you!

I wanted to have something festive to display on my work desk today, so I decided to make a paper shamrock (with stem!), but I forgot to bring it to the office this morning. Nice going, me. Anyway, here’s proof that I did what I said I did.

Materials: two square bits of paper.

I followed instructions that I found online. It was overly complicated and at the halfway point, it looked like this.

After what felt like many hours of trying to reason with this tiny bit of paper to please cooperate (because the paper I chose may have been great for an old printmaking project that I had, but not for origami), I somehow managed to make it look like this.

Then I had to do the stem/base and I swear this project was almost more trouble than it's worth.

But then you see the finished product and you just forget the 17 hours you spent making it. I mean, look at that wonky little thing.

So that’s that. I’ll see you later tonight for another St. Patrick’s Day-themed thing!


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