Day 57: Write dumb poetry

26 Feb

Today for the whole day, my head hurt. It still does, in fact. And so, as is customary when trying to make someone who is in pain feel better, I wrote a poem dedicated to it.

I also just don’t like taking medicine for silly things like headaches and colds. I feel like my immune system should be better than this and do the fighting for me. And so I’m sorry, head. You are just going to have to ball up and take it like a champ. Here, have a poem.

A Plea to My Headache
(4 Stanzas in Increasing Intensity of Hatred)
by Niña

Dear headache, you crazy
You’re hurting my head
You’re making me useless,
Confined to this bed.

Dear headache, please leave me
And my head in peace
I really just want all this
Hurting to cease.

Dear headache, there are
many good heads out there.
So go and torment them.
Get out of my hair.

Dear headache, fuck off, yeah?
Before I attack.
Vacate my skull, douchebag
And never come back.

The end! See you tomorrow! It’s Oscars Day!


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