Days 55 & 56: Do Pro Bono Work for a Good Cause

25 Feb

I’ve been asked to illustrate the cover for Radical Teacher, a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist magazine dedicated to issues of education.

One of my teachers from design school is the art director and he asked me to do the cover for their next issue, which is about technology in teaching. I didn’t even think twice about saying yes to the request, even if it was for free. Normally, I’d be plagued with “you’re not good enough”s and “your drawings are immature and mediocre at best”s. But with everything that’s been happening in the middle east and around the world lately, I guess things have awoken the residual akitibista energy in me left over from my La Passionaria days, and I just wanted to somehow use my meager doodling skills for a good cause.

So I’ve spent the past two nights conceptualizing, sketching and photoshopping. And these are the things that I’ve come up with.

Aside from doing the cover, I was also asked to make a smaller illustration that would accompany the main article, which talks about how teachers should take a closer look at technology and seriously critique it to figure out how it could be used radically. I drew the guy too low on the page and that's why his legs are floating above his head.

Here is the final thing, all frankensteined together. And no, I did not just make a composite of Ten and Eleven from Doctor Who and made him ginger because he's always wanted to be one. You're imagining things!

This was my sketch for the cover, which aims to show how technology in the classroom has changed how people learn.

And here's what it would look like all polished and shiny and with all the (fake)words on it. And no, this is not just a drawing of John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and me, all blogging together in a row. What are you talking about?

I hope they publish it. I hope that they don’t suddenly ask another illustrator to do the cover last minute. That would blow hahaha.

Oh well. See you tomorrow!


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