Day 53: Raise Awareness About Libya (and a few other places while we’re at it)

22 Feb

Hello, fellow countrymen.

We know what it’s like to be oppressed by the government. We know what it’s like to rise up against evil. We know what it’s like to kick dictator ass.

And so I thought I’d show my support for our brothers and sisters over in Libya, who are currently in the process of overthrowing their bastard leader, by raising awareness about the situation there. In case you are out of the loop, Libya has been under the rule of Moammar Gaddafi for over forty years, and the people are sick of it to say the least. So a few days ago, they took to the streets demanding for Gaddafi to shove off basically. But you know what Gaddafi did in retaliation? He ordered his men to just open fire at everyone. And he meant everyone. We’re talking children and babies dead in the streets with gunshot wounds to the head. There were stories about some of Gaddafi’s men luring demonstrators into a building, claiming they were protesters themselves, locking the gates and shooting everybody down. The death toll entered four digit figures today. It’s talagang crazy.

Here’s a sort of mnemonic device to help you remember who the bad guy is, and to show you what my feelings are towards Libya’s evil leader.

I didn't even have to flex my brain muscles for this one. His name was just begging for it. I say it was meant to be.

However, amidst these terrible accounts, it is amazing to hear stories about how some people over there still have a bit of humanity and compassion in them. Government officials are resigning left and right because honestly, who wants to serve under a murderous lunatic? And there’s that story about the two air force pilots who were ordered to bomb the protesters, but they refused orders and flew their planes out of the country instead. In honor of those two, i request the highest of fives.

Please send happy thoughts to Libya, everyone. Oh and while we’re at it, New Zealand is also in need of happy thoughts because of that horrible earthquake that they had a few days ago. And I think there are also protests happening in Bahrain. And of course, our country isn’t all that perfect either. So just happy thoughts everywhere alright? Thanks, guise.

See you tomorrow.


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