Days 46 & 47: More Love-Related Things

16 Feb

Okay remember the other day when I went to a party and had a few drinks and fell asleep before I was able to complete my task for the day? Well it happened again last night. I went to dinner with some lovely ladies from school, had a single glass of beer, went home, opened an Illustrator file, and fell asleep.

I know I’ve been skipping a lot of days lately. And I’m sorry. But I always try to make up for it by doing two tasks the following day. And that’s exactly what I’ve done today.

Valentine’s Day has gone but my head is still in the Love Zone for some reason. This time, I’ve made sort of movie posters for lyrics from songs that I like which have the word ‘love’ in them.

This song was stuck in my head yesterday and I heard this line and I knew I wanted to do something with it.

Yes that is live traced from a picture of a revolver. I'd clean it up if I had time. But I don't so there you go.

In a perfect world, where time grows on trees (okay that didn’t make sense) I would have hand drawn the type myself. I’ll probably still do it, too. Like next year. When I’m not doing this stupid project that is rapidly turning into the bane of my existence. Who told me this was a good idea? It’s your fault.

See you tomorrow. I hope.


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