Day 36: Peanut Butter and Lucky Charms Sandwich

5 Feb

If you’ve been following the events of this week, you know that a lot of good things happened. We moved in to a new place, Chinese New Year, I got a job, etc etc. There were a couple of bad days in which I was sick but these only added further support to the decision that I made come Saturday morning: I was going to spend the entire day watching TV. I’ve gone a month without watching my shows (except for that episode a day of Doctor Who to help my sister get through the entire 5 seasons before the 6th season begins in the summer) and I’ve been very good about this whole blogging project, and I’ve been really sick so I deserve this break. I know, I know. The reason I started this blog in the first place was to keep myself away from television, but I figured if I took a break in the middle of my Torchwood season 3 marathon and did something else, no matter what it is, it would count as productive and I would still, therefore, be operating within the conditions of this project.

It has to be said that in the height of my TV addiction, I used to stay in bed with my laptop and not get up unless I have to go to the bathroom. That is the only acceptable reason to vacate the viewing area. Which means food is not even a strong enough motivation. I always waited until my sister got home at around midnight with some take-away because I thought, why should I stop watching this show to make myself some food if I know someone’s bound to come in here and feed me sooner or later? Yeah it was really bad.

So around lunchtime today, I figured out what my task for the day would be: lunch. I wanted to show you how to make the perfect most magnificent triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know that this is not a proper lunch but I had to make do with what we had around the house. Baby steps.


Step 1: Take one slice of bread and spread some peanut butter on it.

I was about to do the 2nd step but when I checked the strawberry jam, there was something weird floating in it so in the garbage bin it went. Very serious problem: I do not like peanut butter unless it’s extremely sweet. Lily’s brand peanut butter almost achieves the level of sweetness I require but not quite, and they don’t sell Lily’s here. So I set out to look around the kitchen for some sort of sweetener to make my sandwich bearable. But I found that we didn’t have anything. No sugar. No honey. We didn’t even have Splenda. This house is devoid of sweets! And I am not about to brave the winter chill to go to the supermarket just so I can make my sandwich sweeter. That would take valuable time away from my Torchwood marathon and it’s cold! Then my eyes focused on the top of our refrigerator and there it was, the hero of the day: A box of Lucky Charms. The marshmallows in it are sweet enough, aren’t they? I popped a little shamrock marshmallow in my mouth. Yes this would have to do. It wouldn’t be a triple decker anymore because there weren’t nearly enough marshmallows left in the box but I start again.

ingredients! revised!

Step 1 is still applicable so let's skip on to step 2: Lay marshmallows on top of peanut butter-ed slice of bread until it is completely covered with pretty little marshmallows.

Like so. Look at that pretty sandwich.

Step 3: Stack another slice of bread on top of the first one and you're done!

And there you have it folks! A Peanut Butter and Lucky Charms sandwich. The first of its kind. Try it and tell me what you think! See you tomorrow!

(EDIT: I typed that last sentence before I even took the first bite out of the sandwich. Do not, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances make this sandwich! It’s weird! You’d be better off with a regular peanut butter sandwich. You probably don’t need the extra sugar the way I do anyway. The marshmallows aren’t nearly sweet enough and the texture is weird! It’s crunchy weird not sweet blerk yuck eww.)

(EDIT part 2: I’m halfway done with this sandwich and it’s not so bad actually. Once you get used to the weird crunchiness. Make at your own risk.)


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