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Day 59: Gratuitous Drawing of Myself (Rainy Day Edition)

28 Feb

It is the last day of the second month of the Epic Year Project. And I found that I’ve gone nearly a month without drawing myself so I’ve declared today Vanity and General Appreciation of Self Day. And so now I shall talk about myself for a bit.

It was very gloomy today. It rained a bit in the morning. I had to bring an umbrella. And, erm, that’s about it. Here’s a drawing of myself holding said umbrella.

I really appreciate myself for bringing that umbrella. It protected me from the rain. Good job, me.

How incredibly exciting my life is.

See you tomorrow.


Day 58: Reaction to the Oscars

27 Feb

Me, apparently.

This photo was from one day when it was strangely warm and sunny here and I thought it might be nice to buy myself a hotdog and spend my lunch break walking around outside. They installed this Oscar cam in the window of one of the shops and you can take your picture and they would email it to you and post it on the website. The budget for hyping up this thing was probably insane. And this was a couple weeks ago. Oscar fever only increased since then and it culminated today when with one voice, the internet exclaimed “Why the hell wasn’t Corey Haim in that Oscar Memorial video???”

Today was a rather exciting day on twitter and tumblr with everyone live posting about the Oscars. It was alright. I think it is safe to assume that hosting duties should be left to the comedians from now on, no matter how entertaining James Franco was (not as a host but from the fact that he was quite possibly baked). The winners were predictable. Of course Natlie Portman and Colin Firth would win. And I’m still quite peeved that Andrew Garfield didn’t even get a nomination. I guess the only truly exciting bit for me was when it got to the Best Original Score category. It was a either going to be Inception or The Social Network for me. I quite enjoyed both films and felt that my enjoyment had been magnified greatly with the aid of their respective scores.

“And the Oscar goes to Trent Reznor” is something one never thinks they’d hear in their life ever. The me from 1994 would have laughed at you if you told me the greasy-haired frontman of Nine Inch Nails was going to have the same amount of Oscars as Martin Scorsese someday. But alas. It was topnotch scoring and it was well-deserved. It will never change the fact, however, that although he is a bigshot Oscar winner now, to me, Trent Reznor will always be that guy who wrote the following lyrics.

You’ve come a long way, Trent Reznor. Well done.

And now, to bed. See you freaks tomorrow.

Day 57: Write dumb poetry

26 Feb

Today for the whole day, my head hurt. It still does, in fact. And so, as is customary when trying to make someone who is in pain feel better, I wrote a poem dedicated to it.

I also just don’t like taking medicine for silly things like headaches and colds. I feel like my immune system should be better than this and do the fighting for me. And so I’m sorry, head. You are just going to have to ball up and take it like a champ. Here, have a poem.

A Plea to My Headache
(4 Stanzas in Increasing Intensity of Hatred)
by Niña

Dear headache, you crazy
You’re hurting my head
You’re making me useless,
Confined to this bed.

Dear headache, please leave me
And my head in peace
I really just want all this
Hurting to cease.

Dear headache, there are
many good heads out there.
So go and torment them.
Get out of my hair.

Dear headache, fuck off, yeah?
Before I attack.
Vacate my skull, douchebag
And never come back.

The end! See you tomorrow! It’s Oscars Day!

Days 55 & 56: Do Pro Bono Work for a Good Cause

25 Feb

I’ve been asked to illustrate the cover for Radical Teacher, a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist magazine dedicated to issues of education.

One of my teachers from design school is the art director and he asked me to do the cover for their next issue, which is about technology in teaching. I didn’t even think twice about saying yes to the request, even if it was for free. Normally, I’d be plagued with “you’re not good enough”s and “your drawings are immature and mediocre at best”s. But with everything that’s been happening in the middle east and around the world lately, I guess things have awoken the residual akitibista energy in me left over from my La Passionaria days, and I just wanted to somehow use my meager doodling skills for a good cause.

So I’ve spent the past two nights conceptualizing, sketching and photoshopping. And these are the things that I’ve come up with.

Aside from doing the cover, I was also asked to make a smaller illustration that would accompany the main article, which talks about how teachers should take a closer look at technology and seriously critique it to figure out how it could be used radically. I drew the guy too low on the page and that's why his legs are floating above his head.

Here is the final thing, all frankensteined together. And no, I did not just make a composite of Ten and Eleven from Doctor Who and made him ginger because he's always wanted to be one. You're imagining things!

This was my sketch for the cover, which aims to show how technology in the classroom has changed how people learn.

And here's what it would look like all polished and shiny and with all the (fake)words on it. And no, this is not just a drawing of John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and me, all blogging together in a row. What are you talking about?

I hope they publish it. I hope that they don’t suddenly ask another illustrator to do the cover last minute. That would blow hahaha.

Oh well. See you tomorrow!

Day 54: Drawing Night at the Office

23 Feb

In the place where I work, they have Drawing Night once a month. They hire a model to come in and pose for us for a couple of hours. There’s cheese and wine and jazz and it’s quite a fancy affair.

Today was my first Drawing Night and here’s some of my sketches.

First, we did a series of 2-minute sketches and as I am very rusty at drawing real people, all I could manage in two minutes are body parts.

Then we did some 5-minute ones which were a bit better because then I could draw more of the entire human being and not just random limbs.

Then finally, we did one fifteen-minute sketch.

And that was that. It was fun. Looking forward to the next one.

See you tomorrow!

Day 53: Raise Awareness About Libya (and a few other places while we’re at it)

22 Feb

Hello, fellow countrymen.

We know what it’s like to be oppressed by the government. We know what it’s like to rise up against evil. We know what it’s like to kick dictator ass.

And so I thought I’d show my support for our brothers and sisters over in Libya, who are currently in the process of overthrowing their bastard leader, by raising awareness about the situation there. In case you are out of the loop, Libya has been under the rule of Moammar Gaddafi for over forty years, and the people are sick of it to say the least. So a few days ago, they took to the streets demanding for Gaddafi to shove off basically. But you know what Gaddafi did in retaliation? He ordered his men to just open fire at everyone. And he meant everyone. We’re talking children and babies dead in the streets with gunshot wounds to the head. There were stories about some of Gaddafi’s men luring demonstrators into a building, claiming they were protesters themselves, locking the gates and shooting everybody down. The death toll entered four digit figures today. It’s talagang crazy.

Here’s a sort of mnemonic device to help you remember who the bad guy is, and to show you what my feelings are towards Libya’s evil leader.

I didn't even have to flex my brain muscles for this one. His name was just begging for it. I say it was meant to be.

However, amidst these terrible accounts, it is amazing to hear stories about how some people over there still have a bit of humanity and compassion in them. Government officials are resigning left and right because honestly, who wants to serve under a murderous lunatic? And there’s that story about the two air force pilots who were ordered to bomb the protesters, but they refused orders and flew their planes out of the country instead. In honor of those two, i request the highest of fives.

Please send happy thoughts to Libya, everyone. Oh and while we’re at it, New Zealand is also in need of happy thoughts because of that horrible earthquake that they had a few days ago. And I think there are also protests happening in Bahrain. And of course, our country isn’t all that perfect either. So just happy thoughts everywhere alright? Thanks, guise.

See you tomorrow.

Days 51 & 52: A Song of Love

21 Feb

The Week of Love is over! And to bring this thing to a close, here is a song of love. It’s called “Songs of Love.”

I’m afraid I didn’t write this one either. I don’t think I have the capacity to write songs. I’ll leave that to the experts. I can only try and make semi-okay covers of songs, and so that’s what I did. I didn’t expect this task to take two days though, but with all the practicing and taking the video and adding in ultra high technology special computer effects, one day just wasn’t enough.

This video is also interactive. I realized from the last video I made that I tend to mumble and so I couldn’t understand the words that were coming out of my mouth. With the addition of specialized karaoke graphics to this video, you could finally understand what I’m saying and maybe, if you want, you could even sing along.

The end! See you tomorrow!

Day 50: Wear Heart on Sleeve

19 Feb

Wordplay is one of my favorite things in life ever. I think puns are the cleverest things. I love it when idioms are interpreted literally. I think spoonerisms are a hoot! I don’t know why. These things just give me intense enjoyment.

So I decided that spending a considerable amount of time sewing a heart onto the sleeve of my favorite jacket just so that I can claim that “I am wearing my heart on my sleeve” seemed like an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Interestingly, in the checkout counter in the fabric store I bought thread from, I stood next to Diana Eng from Season 2 of Project Runway. I really wanted to tell her that the camel dress she made for Chloe Dao’s final runway show was one of my favorite things out of the entire season. But I was too shy.

Anyway, here’s what I did.

Materials: a needle, some thread, graph paper, a pen, and my favorite jacket. You can use anything with a sleeve, really.

Step 1: Draw out a heart on graph paper and mark the outline with x's.

Step 2 (The Emo Step): Poke holes wherever there are intersecting lines within your drawing. This is not some metaphor for how love hurts. It's just a very important step towards transferring your pattern onto the fabric of your jacket.

Step 3: Affix your bit of graph paper onto the sleeve of your jacket with the needle.

Step 4: Poke your pen through the tiny holes of your heart, making sure to go through each and every single one of them, so that your sleeve is filled with pen marks.

Like so. Don't worry because all of this will be covered up eventually. I'm sure there is a better, less messy-looking way of doing this, but this way worked well enough.

Step 5: Cross-stitch. If you tell me you need more specific instructions for this step, I won't believe you. Everyone knows how to do this.

Using the tiny dots as a guide, cross-stitch the outline first and then fill in the rest of the heart afterward. This actually took me a long time to do. I watched the entire 2nd season of The Mighty Boosh from start to finish while doing this. It was not a bad way to spend the day.

The Finished Product

And a photo of me wearing the jacket just to show you how big my heart is.

The Week of Love may be coming to an end, but this heart will, erm, go on. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.)

See you tomorrow!

Day 49: Babies are Love! (Part 2)

18 Feb

So I kind of felt bad that I made something for brand new baby girl Tala yesterday when I haven’t done anything for her big brother, Datu. Ever. And I’m supposed to be his godmother.


I know older siblings sometimes get jealous when there’s a new baby in the house for several reasons.  I don’t want to be one of them. So to show my love for my precious godson, and we all know that this is the Week of Love here at the Epic Year Project, I made something for him, too.

But first, a language lesson for my international readers. Of which there is exactly one (ola, leo!).

"Datu" is the Tagalog word for "chief." And this is what a datu looks like.

And now, the process!

Step 1: Doodle.

Step 2: Develop the concept. In this case, it's a heart that spells out D-A-T-U and also looks like one.

Step 3: Refine. Ink. Scan. Levels.

Step 4: Vectorize and color. I chose manlier shades of the colors I used in Tala's name yesterday. Because datus are manly.

And there you have it, E! Something for your other butt cheek (or Jaypee’s).

Give my love to your offspring. Equally!


Day 48: Babies are Love!

17 Feb

The Week of Love continues!

At 1:20 pm today, my very good friend E gave birth to a lovely baby girl, Tala. And if deciding to carry a child in your tummy for nine months, and then feeding and bathing and clothing and putting a roof over her head and paying for her schooling (and other things that are very important also) for the next 18-30 years is not the most amazing declaration of love for a human being ever, I don’t know what is.

Here she is! Look at that face. It was designed to be squished!!!!!!!!!

I read a quote once, probably stitched on a pillow somewhere, that deciding to have a baby is a very important moment because it’s like deciding to have your heart go walking around, having its own life, minding its own business, outside your body. It was probably written a bit more eloquently than that but you get the idea.

And so I made something today to celebrate Tala’s first day as a disembodied heart. I thought I could show you the process just so you see that the things I make for this blog sometimes requires some forethought and vast amounts of sketching. But only sometimes.

It's a heart that is also a star! (Because Tala means star, in case you don't speak Tagalog.) The T looks like a mushroom. Because I love mushrooms. And this is the week of love.

Then I inked it, scanned it into the computer, and fiddled with the levels a bit in Photoshop. Pretty basic stuff.

Then I put the thing into Illustrator, vectorized it, played with color combinations and settled with this one. And there you have it! A thing of letters and shapes that looks like a heart star!

So here you go, E. I don’t know what use you could have for this thing. Maybe you could stitch it onto a pillow. Or maybe you could get it tattooed on your ass. Or maybe Jaypee could do it. But well done, you two.