Days 24-30: A Week of Still Life in Pen

31 Jan

Okay. Obviously, I haven’t been updating this past week and I’m sorry. But I have an excuse! It’s been really snowy and cold in the northeast. As a result, I’ve been living in the new apartment so I don’t have to commute all the way to Jersey through the ice and snow and evil cold. Only, we still don’t have an internet connection in the new place. There’s a Starbucks a couple of blocks away but again, snow and wind and cold. This is a valid excuse.

(I’m writing this post in the office during minute-long breaks in my work. Nakakahiya e.)

I haven’t been idle though! This past week was a very busy one in terms of moving the last of our crap and  getting things in some semblance of order, but still I forced myself was able to set aside some time to draw. It’s been over a year since I last did some Serious Drawing (definition: not stick figures) and I figured I should get back into it. I always liked working in pen because when I work with pencil or charcoal, I tend to abuse my eraser and it just takes me much longer to get drawings finished. Pen registers all the mistakes and there’s nothing I can do about it so I just let it go. It’s easier for everyone involved (me, my eraser, etc) I decided to draw one object per day for seven days (and I’ve included titles just in case the objects are unrecognizable) and here are the results.

Day 24: Very rusty.

Day 25: Ugh.

Day 26: Marked improvement.

Day 27: Meh.

Day 28: Ooooh! Another thing I've been doing aside from drawing was I've been reading The Hunger Games series. I couldn't put the books down so I read all three books this past week. This book was the third in the series: Mockingjay. If you've read the books, talk to me about them! I have feelings!

Day 29: Oh yeah.

Day 30: Way better than the first drawing so I'm happy about that.

Being away from the internet is actually quite nice. I’ve been very productive (reading, drawing, getting 8 hours of sleep a day) and I haven’t been watching TV all that much (Although, I’ve convinced my sister to finally watch Doctor Who and I’m helping her get through the whole series by watching an episode a day with her. Not bad for a recovering TV addict, I must say.) The downside though is that I haven’t been able to reply to emails from friends and I swear I will be on top of that shit once we get our internet connection. The incompetent fools over at Verizon were supposed to get it done two weeks ago but I don’t know (Oh, but I’ve been talking to a lot of Verizon call center reps from the Philippines so that was a lot of fun.)

Blargh. Back to work. See you later!


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