Days 10 & 11: Birthday Greetings and a Rhyme Time Update

11 Jan

Our internet was being a bitch last night and wouldn’t let me upload my birthday card to Anne who’s birthday is today (yesterday, if you live in the Philippines). So here, Anne. I’m sorry it’s late. But it’s still the 11th here so this still counts!

"One day, we're gonna live in Paris. I promise. I'm on it."

As for today’s task of the day, I wrote the second chapter to that story I was writing about the orphan astronaut boy. It wouldn’t make much sense if you didn’t read the first chapter (which is over here), so go read that first. Done? Let’s continue, shall we?

“I guess I could visit my folks in their graves.
And live in their hometown perhaps.
I’ll probably stay at an inn or motel
and wait for the months to elapse.”

And so Neil drove back to the town he once lived in
before both of his parents died.
He went to the graveyard and paid his respects
then looked for a place to reside.

He rented a room in a tiny hotel
and went to the lobby cafe.
He figured it was a good place to hang out
and waste his whole summer away.

And so everyday he would sit in a booth,
just reading astronomy books.
The people who worked there thought this was peculiar
and started to give him strange looks.

But one day the waiter who usually served him
sat down at his table and said
“Is that all you do, man? Is there nothing else that
you’d like to be doing instead?”

At first Neil was taken aback by his bluntness
but answered the boy just the same.
“Quite frankly, I’m just passing time, Walden P.
And also, you have a weird name.”

“My mom likes Thoreau,” Walden said with a shrug
and went on with his inquisition.
“What brings you to town? What’s your job? What’s your name?”
So Neil talked about the Mars mission.

“You mean you just have one last summer on earth
And you’re wasting it reading in here?
Come on, Neil, get up. Put your textbooks away.
We’re going to get you a beer.”

And that’s that. I know it seems weird that Neil suddenly knows what the waiter’s name is. But this story is going to be heavily dependent on illustrations, I think. And it shall be illustrated that the waiter has a name plate on. Also, Walden P. is a weird name but I have my reasons! They may never be revealed in the story except for the explanation that his mom “likes Thoreau,” but it is imperative that that’s his name. It’s not even that important to the story but it is to me. And now I will shut up about this and watch me some Merlin go do other things.

See you tomorrow!


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