Day 5: Make Fake Neon Lights Out of Scratch on Photoshop

5 Jan

At work I had to redesign a famous fashion designer’s logo. I don’t know if it’s ethical to divulge information on clients so I won’t say who the designer is (but a;ksdjfhlkas I love her she is fun and i own frilly skirts because of her). They were playing around with the idea of using neon lights for the redesigned logo. So I had to learn how to do that without having to actually purchase some neon lights. So here, let me show you what I’ve done.

click here to behold the full extent of my mad photoshop skillzzz.

Incidentally, if you listen to the song “Outsiders” by Franz Ferdinand while viewing my animated masterpiece of a gif, it would seem as if they were made for each other. Do not fret, however, and rid your mind of fanciful conspiracy theories. This is purely coincidental.

Now I can sleep well knowing that maybe someday, this newly learned and seemingly useless skill could save my life.

And because I finished early today, I shall reward myself with a couple of episodes of Torchwood.

See you tomorrow!


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